Let’s take a trip back down memory lane to a time not so long ago when the progressive socialist left was regurgitating, once again, an insidious talking point. The issue was illegal immigration and we found ourselves being inundated with every single leftist, from elected buffoons, to their media accomplices, to leftist pundits repeating the same two words: “manufactured crisis.”

As well, the left did a great job of deflecting and shifting the narrative to children being separated. How interesting that assertion is when the leftists care little about unborn — and now born — babies being murdered. They call that women’s reproductive healthcare.

Now we are witnessing something so very perplexing that is should cause our heads to spin. We have individuals running to be president of these United States of America who want open borders and the decriminalizing of illegal crossing of our border. One has to wonder what these people are running to be president of, since it is something they do not believe has a sovereign right to exist. These progressive socialists just see America as a piece of land between Canada and Mexico where anyone can just come and go as they please. They carve out sanctuary states and cities, unconstitutionally, for illegal immigrants, and care more about providing taxpayer-funded benefits for them than they do our nation’s veterans. As well, they pervert our laws and provide protections for criminal illegal immigrants, ya know, those folks with a “spark of divinity,” such as the travesty of justice in the case of Kate Steinle.

Yes, there is a crisis, a major issue, and the progressive socialist left, who didn’t give this issue any attention at their latest debate, sees this as a means to undermine our Constitutional Republic, and gain power.

As reported by KVOA out of Tucson, Arizona:

“Two truck drivers are being charged for allegedly trying to smuggle 32 migrants across the United States in a refrigerated semi-trailer. According to Tucson Sector Border Patrol, the semi was sent to secondary inspection after a K9 alerted to the trailer.

“In secondary inspection the truck and trailer were “x-rayed” showing numerous people locked in the rear of the trailer,” according to a news release.

When agents opened the trailer they reportedly discovered 32 individuals inside. Tucson Sector BP says the individuals were “also ill-prepared to be in 47-degree refrigerated trailer as most were wearing short t-shirts.”

I would offer that this news will not make the headlines at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSNBC. They are too busy yakking about impeachment. But think of it this way: the progressive socialist left, those who are always harping on human rights — unless you are a pro-freedom and liberty protester carrying an American flag and singing the national anthem in Hong Kong — will be silent on this. The left only sees humanitarian issues or human rights violations when it is advantageous to them and their ideological agenda. Hey, no big deal that people in Venezuela are eating out of garbage cans, going to sewers for drinking water, have a lack of medical supplies, are starving, malnourished, eating their pets. Everything is cool, because it is a socialist dictatorship. Like Anna Navarro said on CNN, Maduro is not a socialist. Really?

Hmm, have y’all noticed how little Venezuela, Hong Kong, and China have been spoken of in the Democrat (socialist) debates?

The left has no issue with eliminating the Customs and Border Patrol along with our ICE agents. After all, who needs Customs and Border Patrol if we have open borders? Why do we need ICE when we will just allow illegal immigrants to live happily ever after?

Let’s be honest: the left does not care about the 32 who were inside a doggone refrigerator trailer. Heck, they do not care about the many who pay these criminal cartels and “coyotes” for transport across the vast treacherous desert into America, including little babies. The left does not care that my home, Texas, is the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking. Yes, and Dallas — where I live — and Houston are the top two cities in Texas for human and sex trafficking. Both cities run by the Democrat (socialist) Party.

“Dangit, c’mon Colonel, this is all just a manufactured crisis, it is not really happening.” Or so they would like us to believe. See, the reason it’s so easy to debate a leftist is that they reside in an echo chamber of lies, deceit, and manipulation. They are the most ill-informed group of people walking the earth. What is clearly evident is their hypocrisy: they claim to care about people, human rights, humanitarian issues, but it is all just a façade because they only care about a crisis or issue than fits their narrative.

That is why these chuckleheads can come up with groups like Black Lives Matter, but never address the 20 million black babies who have been murdered in the womb since Roe v. Wade.

If you truly want to know who the left is, just pay attention to what they do not talk about!

In closing, just remember that the progressive socialist left is encouraging and enabling the drug cartels and coyotes. They are the ones who are enabling the human and sex trafficking issues in America. They are the reason why 32 humans were crammed into a tractor-trailer freezing in 47-degree temperatures.

And, they are the ones who want to abolish the very law enforcement agencies that would prevent all of this…


This article was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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