If there is one thing I appreciate the most about the Democrat (socialist) Party, they telegraph their hand. To have a political opposition party that firmly evidences who they are, and what their objectives are, is a blessing.

Some years ago, back when I was in Congress, people were demonized, denigrated, and disparaged for articulating exactly what the left says that they are today. No longer do you have to convince people using intellect and critical thinking skills. The left simply tells you and dares people to stand in their way. If the progressive socialist left is to be successful in America, they need liberty-loving Americans to acquiesce, stand down, and subjugate themselves to the utter barrage of real hatred and fascism that we see regularly.

The real collusion, as Project Veritas has once again revealed, is with the tech giants of Silicon Valley and the left. But there is something else that is so clearly obvious about the way forward for the Democrat (socialist) Party in 2020 . . . identity politics, the race card.

As reported by Townhall:

“South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has a big problem on his hands, according to Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH): winning over the black vote. 

“Pete has a black problem,” the former chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus told The Daily Beast. “I don’t know of one black person out of Indiana that supports him.”

The harsh observation comes after the Democratic presidential candidate was criticized during a contentious town hall in the wake of a fatal police shooting of a black man by a white officer. One woman confronted the mayor when he arrived back in the city on Friday and specifically asked him about whether he wants the black community to vote for him.

You’re running for president and you want black people to vote for you?” the woman said, reports the Daily Beast“That’s not going to happen.”  

Buttigieg replied, “Ma’am, I’m not asking for your vote.” 

Fudge said that response shows his “arrogance” and sense of “entitlement.”

During the town hall, Buttigieg took some responsibility.

“The effort to recruit more minority officers to the police department and the effort to introduce body cameras have not succeeded and I accept responsibility for that,” Buttigieg said.

According to the Associated Press, Buttigieg’s handling of the recent police shooting is not the first example of his checkered history with the black community.”

First, let me state another obvious fact, and provide the supporting evidence for my assertion. A young, gay, white man is not going to garner the support of the black community. That is not a homophobic statement, it is rooted in knowing the black community. Here’s the evidence:

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was running for president. In two states that Obama won, California and Florida, there were ballot initiatives to support same-sex marriage. Even with the massive turnout of blacks for Obama in the 2008 presidential election, those initiatives, in states where Obama won, were defeated. It is not often talked about, but it was a coordinated effort by leftists to have these initiatives on the ballot, as they truly believed they would pass in a resounding fashion. They failed because the essence of the black community is still faith-based. Christian black preachers still carry much weight, and the black community rejected those ballot initiatives.

Now, along comes Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is openly gay, and what is happening? He is being assailed using the race card. Not only Mayor Pete, but we have seen the recent attacks against former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden. Now, all of a sudden, ol’ Uncle Joe is being castigated as a racist. Heck, don’t laugh, remember what Bill Clinton said in 2008 about how the race card was pulled out and used on the Clintons? Now, Bill Clinton’s crime bill is deemed as racist, contrasted against Donald Trump’s Criminal Justice Reform measures.

The progressive socialist left must have the complete subjugation, surrender, of the black community and their electoral patronage. Right now, they are reading the tea leaves, especially after the Hillary Clinton debacle when the black vote basically sat it out.

That is the reason why they have all these white Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidates talking about reparations. How abjectly offensive and condescending that on Juneteenth, a day of emancipation, freedom, the left held hearings about H.R. 40, the reparations legislation. If anything, that should have been a day to celebrate economic emancipation with record lows in the black unemployment rate in America. Ahh, but that is not what the progressive socialist left wants, needs, or certainly desires. They must continue the 21st-century economic plantation where their main crops are votes. They must continue to promote blacks as victims, not victors. And, they are going to use every single means necessary to tantalize the black community into voting for them in 2020.

Let me put this plainly: ain’t no white fella wanted to win the Democrat (socialist) Party presidential nomination. Bernie Sanders looks like a nutcase and is a classic socialist, secular humanist, who has no belief in faith, religion, and that ain’t happening with the black community . . . plus he just looks crazy. Forget Joe Biden and Mayor Pete, they are being slow roasted.

The left wants the ultimate in identity politics and that is California’s Senator Kamala Harris. Yes, she is displaying lackluster poll numbers and fundraising, but she knows, already, that there is a fix in for her to win the nomination. Hmm, pretty sure that is why California moved their primary up to Super Tuesday in March: the left wants another coronation.

What the progressive socialist left wants is to show the black community a shiny object in order to garner their support. Ya know, “Sistah Kamala gonna save y’all from that mean old racist white man, Donald Trump. Pay no attention to the fact that you are far more economically independent than ever. Trump hates black people, vote for Sistah Kamala for President! Who cares if you will go back on food stamps and lose your jobs, the mean ol’ racist Trump will be gone.”

Who knows? That sage vessel of wisdom, Oprah Winfrey may travel the land preaching the gospel of Sistah Kamala. You know, just like she did for Sistah Stacy in Georgia.

Sadly, I do not think there are “Republican strategists” who think the same as the left does, and who understand their goals and objectives. If the Democrat (socialists) were to lose 15 percent of the national black vote, their goose is cooked.

Look, Ron DeSantis won in Florida over a charismatic black socialist — been there, done that — because of one very vital issue: school choice. The Democrat (socialists) cannot go there, the teacher’s unions would kill them. However, black mothers want better educational opportunities for their children. Ya know, the ones that the racist Margaret Sanger and her brainchild, Planned Parenthood, do not kill in the womb, Never forget, there have been 18M black babies murdered in the womb since 1973, genocide by any account. Funny, reparations are more important to the left, another shiny object to dangle before the black community.

Message to Mayor Pete: stay in South Bend, Indiana. Cheer, cheer, cheer for ol’ Notre Dame, and forget about being president. The progressive socialist left just hit you with their best hold card: identity politics. Sorry, Mayor Pete, a young, white, Ivy League-educated, gay fella does not — excuse the pun — trump an attractive, black, female, progressive socialist US Senator. Ya know, Obama was a US Senator, also.

Now, here are the two fellas who have a chance: Robert Francis “Bob” O’Rourke and Julian Castro, to be VP nominee. My bet is that the choice would be Castro, remember, the hold card is identity politics. Texas is being flooded with illegal immigrants, and somehow, they will end up making it to the polling locations. After all, Nancy Pelosi was in Texas when she said: “newcomers should have the right to vote.” Newcomers being a leftist code word for illegal immigrants.

Doggone, you can see this coming from two miles away.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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