Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. We are honored and so happy to have back with us, National security expert Clare Lopez. Clare is the founder of Lopez Liberty, LLC. She’s got a background in American foreign service. She’s a national security expert. She’s a former CIA big shot, and we’re thrilled to have her back. Hello, Clare.

Clare Lopez: Hey, Barry. Thank you very much. I’m glad to be back with you anytime.

Barry Nussbaum: I want to tell our audience that I am astounded by the theory and evidence to back your theory that you have sent to me. I consider the show we are about to do, and we’re going to do a follow-up after, one of the most important things you and I have ever discussed. In maybe out of the thousand-plus shows ATP has done, this is in the top one or two percent.

You have come up with an understanding of what’s happening in America that was predicted a generation ago by some really, really bad people, and everything that was written and predicted has come true. Tell us, in brief, what the heck I’m so upset about?

Clare Lopez: Well, Barry, what we’re talking about was written in a book called The Naked Communist. The Naked Communist is a book that was written in 1958 by a former FBI agent named W. Cleon Skousen. From his, at that point in time, decades of experience with the FBI and up against communism.

As well, his understanding of the testimony that I think he either heard, read about, or took notes about in the congressional hearings of earlier in the 1950s by Communist and former Communist who came to testify as witnesses in front of the House on un-American Activities Committee and also in the Senate, Senator Joseph McCarthy’s committee.

He put together the book because he wanted to sort of consolidate in one place for Americans to have easy access to read and understand what he had come to understand about the communist threat that was infiltrating the US government and every sector of American society.

Barry Nussbaum: Let’s talk about a couple of those predictions. We’ve taken a few out today for the education of our audience. These come from Chapter 13, the forty-five goals of communism today. I’m going to pull out a couple of them and ask you to explain.

Number seven of the forty-five goals, says, ”Grant recognition of communist China and get communist China into the United Nations.” Why was this so important, and has the goal been achieved in the way they predicted it would be in the 1950s?

Clare Lopez: Yeah, I think this was very important. The legitimization of this communist regime. Of course, Mao Tse tung conquered Beijing, conquered China in 1949, and established the Communist Party of China. Well, at least as a dictator, as a ruler.

But that was just the beginning. Getting the red Chinese, the Communist Party of China, into the United Nations, because we’ll recall, too, that after that, some decades after that in 1972, President Richard Nixon, his secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, then made the opening to China and eventually normalized relations with it.

Eventually, China was welcomed into the World Trade Organization, a hugely important move that provided all kinds of economic benefits to them, which the Communist Party of China took full advantage of, as we can see to this day.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let’s add to that. They are not like us either culturally or, more importantly, politically. They don’t have elections, they don’t have freedoms, everything is dictated from the top down in a traditional communist dictatorship, and their goal is world domination.

We facilitated that in 1972, and now every day, Biden is now echoing Trump by saying, “Whoa, these guys are out to get us, and they are getting us.” Wouldn’t you agree?

Clare Lopez: Absolutely, I would agree. The thing is that the Chinese leadership has always told us that they want to dominate the entire world and replace the United States as the world power. Nothing has been hidden from us.

But the naive assumption was that if the Chinese could be brought into world organizations like the UN, the WTO and with economic success and better material advancement for the people, that somehow the regime, the communist regime itself would also modify and liberalize and become more democratic.

Of course, that’s a fallacy. It hasn’t come true. It’s never going to come true. The Communist Chinese Party exists to dominate and subjugate not just their own people but the rest of the world.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said. They’re winning. We’re losing, and we ain’t doing nothing about it yet. Let’s go to number 15. This one scares the hell out of me. “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”

I think we can all agree, the Democrat Socialists of America today are the well, the leaders of the Democrat Party. They’re the ones that most closely resemble, well, the writings of Karl Marx, among others. These people are not just socialists. They may be on the road to full-blown communism. Talk to me about that.

Clare Lopez: Yeah, that’s absolutely true. Barry. So, you know, back in the first part of this transformation of American political life, you could say Moscow, the KGB, the Kremlin were still dominant in terms of global communism and Marxism.

That’s the ideology certainly of Marx and Lenin that dominated the scene politically and otherwise. But I would say that today’s world communism is really dominated by Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party. But nevertheless, its roots are in Marxism, Leninism, the Communist Manifesto, and we’re looking, yes, at the Democrat Socialists of America, which dominates the Democrat Party in the United States.

Here’s the thing, if any of us would go back to last year, 2020, and look at the Unity Task Force recommendations, the official name of what’s come to be called the Bernie / Biden manifesto. This 110-page document that laid out the premises, the positions, the topics that the Democrat Party focuses on.

Lay that side by side then with the Democrat party platform of 2020, a little bit shorter document, and then have a look back at the Communist Manifesto of 1848 written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

There’s not a hair’s breadth of difference among these, and the things that I’m talking about are things like the abolition of private property, progressive taxation, confiscatory taxation for the purpose of redistribution of wealth, centralization of the means of communication. These are all in the Communist Manifesto, and they’re all in the Democrat party platform.

Barry Nussbaum: I thought you were going to say Clare, and that’s today’s news. Let’s go find the source. You gave me the source, and as you were saying it, I couldn’t find any difference with the news of today. It’s exactly what was predicted.

Clare Lopez: Yeah, exactly, and remember, we’re running down these points that were captured in this Chapter 13 of The Naked Communist in a book published in 1958.

Barry Nussbaum: Let’s go to number 17. Oh, my gosh. Clare Lopez. This is spot on. Number 17, “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of the teachers’ association. Put the party line in textbooks.” Oh my, is this happening.

Clare Lopez: Isn’t it, though. Really, honestly, out of the entire list of forty-five goals I think perhaps this one, number 17, may be the most important of all, because of what has happened. The Communist very deliberately and methodically took aim at our academic system in America way back shortly after the Communist revolution in Russia in 1917.

They used vehicles like the Frankfurt school to do that. Herbert Mark Coosa, “other leading educators,” that’s air quotes there who systematically did just what, 17 here says. To insert communist propaganda, Marxist indoctrination into the curriculum, the textbooks, and now we see it.

It’s not just all through America’s public schools, K through 12, and universities, but private schools too. Charter schools too. Not all of them, but too many of them. We see in curricula that our foundational principles that undergird this country, Judeo-Christian principles found in our foundational documents written by our founding fathers, individual liberty, the equality of everyone before the rule of law, government by consent of the governed.

All of these things are not taught, never mind the actual factual, accurate history of the American founding by pioneers and settlers and the founding fathers. Instead, we have The New York Times 1619 project that premises that the United States is built on nothing, but racism and slavery and that systemic racism persists to this day throughout our society.

You’ve got the critical race theory kinds of curriculum elements pervading public education, ethnic studies. All of these things are now pervasive throughout America’s educational system. Even though President Trump set up the 1776 Commission last year and they produced a beautiful report called the 1776 Commission Final Report, which came out this year, January 2021.

As an outline, I think a beautiful outline for restoring accurate civics and history education in our schools. It has not gotten the traction it needs, and instead, all of this other twisted portrayal of America and American history is dominant right now. They’ve succeeded. The number 17, put a checkmark next to that one.

Barry Nussbaum: Boy, that’s the truth. Thanks for coming on, Clare tell people where they can find out about you.

Clare Lopez: Well, I have a number of places where I publish videos and written pieces. for one Citizen’s Commission on National Security, the United West, of course, Brandyn Houses World View Weekend, and of course at the American Truth Project. On Social Media, you can find me at Clare M Lopez on Twitter, and by Parley, I’m on Telegram and on Facebook.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks so much for coming on. We sure appreciate it. For all of you out there in ATP land that hasn’t yet, please subscribe to our text message system. You’ll get all of our shows and publications like Clare Lopez on your cell phone, absolutely free.

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This interview and video were originally published at the American Truth Project


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