What do Covid-19, the 2020 elections, and the rise of vaccines have to do with one another? According to Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, they’re all part of “hybrid warfare” against the United States of America.

Today, The Two Mikes again spoke with Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney about the current state of security and division in the United States. He also talked about the Wuhan Flu and his contention that it was intentionally released as a biological weapon by the Chinese Communist Party. This is one heck of a interview you won’t want to miss.

Right off the bat, Gen. McInerney addressed the Covid-19 situation. He has long questioned the accepted narrative coming out of China, the World Health Organization, and America’s own healthcare watchdogs, but this is the first time he openly accused them all of covering up the truth.

“We have got to admit that the Covid-19 pandemic out of Wuhan, China, was not a pandemic,” he said. “It was a direct biological attack by China using subterfuge in calling it a pandemic and saying it was an accident. They did it deliberately.”

Gen. McInerney pointed out the confusion we have been experiencing since November is now sorting itself out and the end result is a direct, and perhaps irreconcilable division between Americans who support the continued application of the Constitution as it is written, and those who intend to destroy it. He noted that there is information that continues to come out regarding the fraudulent election but questioned whether it will yield a correction.

“We’re seeing in Arizona, we’re seeing in Michigan, we’re seeing in other states, Pennsylvania and Georgia, this information starting to come out,” Gen. McInerney reported. “And it’s extremely important that it does come out because it shows that it was a fraudulent election. They won by using cyberwarfare led by China but it came from other nations, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, even the Vatican worked on one location.”

This must be fixed. The republic is at stake. We cannot move forward with an administration that is in the White House after breaking every aspect of the Constitution to get there.

“What we’re talking about all has to do with the Constitution of the United States and the state constitutions,” he said. “They were violated. So we now have an administration and a president—and I don’t even call him president—we have a person in the White House who was unconstitutionally elected.”

We now stand with a clear view of the Democrats. There is no leftwing in their party. The whole party—and its allies in the media, Big Tech, Wall Street, parts of the Republican Party, and among BLM and ANTIFA terrorists—are all cut from the same cloth; namely, they are destroyers of the republic and, as they are, they must be eradicated.

Gen. McInerney brought it all together with the vaccines.

“There are a number of concerned doctors, very prominent, that are saying that this shot, the Covid-19 vaccine, will impact your immunity for the next go-around, Covid-20 or -21, that will come next winter,” he said. “Like the flu, you get a new flu shot each year, they expect it will be a follow on Covid. This particular vaccine is not really a vaccine that we’re getting now. It will impact your immune system so it cannot handle it next year.”

With the coronavirus released by the Chinese Communist Party followed by the stolen presidential election, the situation is perfect for the next phase of weakening the nation through the Covid vaccines.

“Imagine if that vaccine has certain properties which certain doctors are saying that could impact all the people that got it,” he said. “And you know, all our medical people in the U.S., all our first responders, all of our doctors have this. And if you see this sequence of events of a deliberate biological attack last year, not a pandemic, a massive cyberwarfare on the election which is going to come out, and then you have the impact of the vaccine on all our national security apparatus…”

He paused before calling this what it is. “This is called hybrid warfare.”

The key question is whether the U.S. military will do its duty to the Constitution and preserve it by destroying its enemies, or will it side with the Democrats’ vile coalition and leave to an armed citizenry the role it traitorously turned its back on. Time is growing short. The answer will soon be apparent.

All of Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney’s claims would seem like fodder for conspiracy theorists if it didn’t make total sense. Stay frosty, friends. We’re in very strange times indeed.

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This column and video interview were originally published at the NOQ Report.

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