It is supremely perplexing to me that you can turn over to CNN and MSNBC and all they are talking about is keeping Americans under house arrest and in an illegal martial law. Just last week the Wisconsin Supreme Court decided that the governor’s stay at home order was unconstitutional…well, duh! You cannot order people into their homes when they have not violated any law. I know some are saying, “but Col. West, there is a national emergency!” Is there? I think the national emergency right now is a result of telling people to stay home and businesses, well, some, to shut down. The real national emergency is the fact that 36 million Americans are unemployed. Folks, we could see an unemployment number reported at month’s end that rivals the Depression.

What is Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat [Socialist] remedy? Yeah, a $3T spending package to just give money, ya know, that universal basic income absurdity. It is not about reopening America.

What was with Fauci and Birx standing behind the president last week all masked up? Of course, Fauci has become the left’s poster boy for all things dumb. You just have to ask, when the so-called “experts” get it wrong, and offer bad advice, are they held responsible and accountable? All Fauci is doing at this time is giving the progressive socialist left cover for their ideological agenda.

Speaking of which, the last couple of weeks I have witnessed true idiocy here in Texas. No, let me rephrase that, I have witnessed idiotic tyranny here in the Lone Star State.

First, here in Dallas County, where they took a small business owner, Shelley Luther, who decided she knew her business better than Dr. Fauci, and reopened her salon. She, rightfully, defied the unconstitutional order of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, and reopened her business implementing CDC guidelines and recommendations. She was arrested and taken to court where she stood before a Dallas Judge Eric Moyé who demanded her apology and admittance of being selfish, which had nothing to do with law, mind you. She refused, and Moyé sentenced a business owner with no criminal record, who had committed no crime — other than not bow down before him — to seven days in jail, $7K fine, and no bail offered.

Last week, I traveled to Laredo, Texas to meet with Ana Castro-Garcia and Brenda Mata, two young Hispanic women who were arrested. Their crime? Well, just doing nails and eyebrows in their own homes. We have written about their story and participated in a rally supporting them in Laredo.

Back in March, I did a Facebook Live where I articulated that I hoped we would not take a “carpet bombing” approach in confronting this COVID-19 issue. Well, unfortunately, we listened to the so-called experts, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, and the collateral damage I predicted has happened. When business owners are being jailed along with young women, and mothers, we have a serious issue. Who is to be held responsible and accountable for the rationale, reasoning, and abjectly colossal error of recommending we shut down the entire economy of these United States? The lives of now 36 million Americans have been affected, infected, by the stupidity of elected officials.

Just think: due to Dr. Birx’s “liberal” classification of COVID-19 deaths, those who have sadly committed suicide, if they have been tested positive for COVID-19, that is listed as the cause of their death.

Then there is another category of Americans — innocent citizens — who have become collateral damage of this ill-advised and insidious solution.

As reported by CBS Local Denver:

“A parolee who was recently released from prison due to coronavirus concerns is now accused of murdering a 21-year-old woman in Denver. Cornelius Haney is accused of murdering Heather Perry less than a month after his release. Perry’s body was discovered in an alleyway in east Denver on May 9. Police used surveillance video to track Haney back to the crime scene. Haney was released early from his seven year sentence after pleading guilty to armed robbery in Arapahoe County in June of 2016. Though qualified for parole, Haney’s mandatory release date wasn’t scheduled until August of 2020.

Gov. Jared Polis acknowledged Friday that Haney was released under an executive order he issued, but said the parole board could not have held Haney much longer. “He would have had mandatory parole granted in August of this year,” Polis stated. “He has been up for parole since 2017.” Polis said the parole board has a tough job.

“In making those decisions, they are taking into account the safety of prison guards and others, but no prisoner who is a danger to society should be released early in any situation,” Polis stated. “And of course, nobody on that parole board thought that this person was going to do what they allegedly did, but they couldn’t have held them much longer under the law.” “They’re doing their best to make the best-informed decisions they can to keep Coloradans safe, as they decide within the legal parameters,” Polis stated. “Nobody should be released simply because of COVID-19, of course.”

This is the second time we are sharing with you this type of story, previously we told you about the violent criminal released from jail in Tampa, Florida, who killed someone within 24 hours of release. Violent criminals are violent for a reason, because they are criminals who have committed a violent crime. They are not supposed to be mainstreamed back into civil society, but the forces that be have done such a good job fear-mongering in America that we are forcing house arrest on good citizens, arresting business owners, and releasing criminals.

Seven years for armed robbery, and then allowing release via early parole? To think Jared Polis is the same kinda fella who thinks your Second Amendment right is not important.

I am going to say what few possibly would. When are people going to be held accountable and responsible for ruining the lives of innocent people? You do not get to just say, “oops, my bad, so sorry that you lost your entire life savings along with your small business, but keep on using social distancing.” Or how about “dang it, we are sorry that your loved one is dead because we released a violent criminal from jail…but stop being selfish because they need to be protected from COVID-19 also.”

The problem is that there are no consequences and ramifications for elected officials who screw up the lives of others, due to their innate incompetence. What is even worse, mindless lemmings just vote them right back into office so they are emboldened. I just gotta ask, why are Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx still standing there behind the president? Their so-called “expert advice” and opinion have only served to wreak havoc upon the lives of the American people. Heck no, I ain’t a doggone epidemiologist, but I do have a well-functioning brain and common sense.

Who pays the price for the result of what will go down as the dumbest solution to an issue in history? Take a virus with a 99.6 percent recovery rate, and destroy the lives and livelihoods of 36 million. No, we do not know the true death toll because numbers have been fudged all over the place — because some idiot came up with the idea to provide a financial incentive to medical facilities seeing COVID-19 patients.

Lockdown? Yeah, for whom? It would appear it is intended for innocent, healthy, Americans. How naive for Colorado Gov. Polis to say, “In making those decisions, they are taking into account the safety of prison guards and others, but no prisoner who is a danger to society should be released early in any situation,” Polis stated. “And of course, nobody on that parole board thought that this person was going to do what they allegedly did, but they couldn’t have held them much longer under the law.”

Empty words from a politician who will not be held responsible or accountable. Those words mean nothing to 21-year old Heather Perry or her family.


This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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