Well, here we are, the Mayor of Yuma Arizona has declared an emergency for that so-called “manufactured crisis” on our southern border. Having spent a full day down in McAllen, Texas I can attest that there is a real, true, crisis happening. I gave y’all my report and assessment over the past two days.

Now, are you going to hear any elected officials of the progressive socialist type — meaning Democrat (socialist) Party — saying anything about what is happening on our southern border? Nope, and Wednesday morning, at the McAllen airport, I saw the results of the failures of these legislative cowards, groups of illegal immigrants catching flights into our America. Ask yourselves: if you were to illegally cross the border into Mexico, do you think you would be rewarded with a “permiso,” and an airline ticket?

Well, we can expect that, as we head into Resurrection weekend, there is only one thing we are going to hear from the mouths of the delusional, maniacal leftists who comprise the Democrat (socialist) Party.

As reported by Fox News:

“Attorney General William Barr is set to hold a news conference Thursday morning where he will discuss the long-awaited release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report — and certain members of Congress will be able to see the report “without certain redactions,” the Justice Department announced Wednesday. 

Barr will be joined by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at 9:30 a.m. where they are expected to discuss the release of the report, officials said. The disclosure of a version of the report without “certain redactions” came in a filing late Wednesday in the Roger Stone prosecution. The DOJ said it would publicly redact sections related to Stone’s case which is ongoing.

A summary of the report released by Barr last month stated that the special counsel found no proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election.

It remains unclear what the full report holds, including what Mueller may have found on allegations of obstruction of justice. Barr wrote in his summary that evidence was “not sufficient to establish” certainty that President Trump committed obstruction.

Anticipating further accusations, a source close to Trump’s legal team confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that the president’s lawyers have been preparing a counter-report to object any obstruction of justice claims.

It is not likely that Trump will be subject to any prosecution as a result of the details of the report but it is likely to contain unflattering details about his efforts to influence the Russia probe, including the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.”

First of all, I find it utterly hypocritical and disingenuous that the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerrold “Jabba da Hut” Nadler is commenting on the release of the special counsel report. After all, it was ol’ Jabba Nadler, who vehemently opposed the release of the Ken Starr report on President Bill Clinton. Nadler, who can be seen on video, stating that there were certain elements of the report, the investigation, that should not be made public for legal reasons. Now, all of a sudden, those same legal reasons are not valid for Nadler, shameful.

Remember back when candidate Donald Trump was pilloried about not accepting the results of the 2016 election. . . before the election was even held? Even Hillary Clinton made a big issue that Trump would cause a Constitutional crisis, another leftist manufactured crisis if he did not accept the electoral results of November, 2016. Well, that was because the left believed the results would be what they wanted and expected.

So it is with the Mueller report: the progressive socialist left had been banging a certain drum going back to 2016. They repeatedly reported that the noose, a fake one like Jussie Smollett‘s, was tightening around President Trump’s neck.

Robert Mueller was the progressive socialist left’s “savior,” and through him they would exact the revenge for their loss, which they have just not been able to accept.

Then it came, the summary of the two most important issues of the investigation, nothing, zilch, nada. Did the left say, “okay, time to move on?” Nah, once again, they are damned angry that they did not get the results, the outcomes that they wanted. So, now we move to the next level of contention: the released report itself, with redactions.

It is as if the left has forgotten about all the claims of executive privilege used by the Obama administration, and countless redacted documents. It is as if Jabba Nadler, Adam Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi, have forgotten about the objections to the release of the Starr report, along with all their previous deceptions and disgruntlement. It is as if these leftists truly believe that we are just that dumb.

So, tomorrow, the leftist’s aided by their leftist media henchmen, already have their talking points in response. They are not going to read through some 400 pages, redacted or otherwise before the AG Barr press conference. Regardless, they have already come to their conclusions to support their desired outcomes, Barr is to be discredited. Then again, Eric Holder admitted to being a political AG and partisan, not a peep from these leftists. Not a peep from the left when AG Loretta Lynch had her secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton. Yet, somehow we are supposed to care about what they think, along with their mindless lemmings and flying monkeys in their propagandized media?

In their minds, they are going to search out for something, and if nothing can be found, well, some people will do something . . . to get the outcomes they want. Regardless, they will have further investigations just to keep this, the left’s real manufactured crisis in the forefront . . . all the while, more illegal immigrants will be catching planes, trains, and buses to disperse themselves all over our Republic while these fools ramble on about nothing.

Their “savior,” Robert Mueller, for whom they threw down palm branches at the beginning of this investigation, will see the same crowd shout for his personal character execution. Somehow, during all of this, our America will be resurrected from the stain of the evil intentions of the progressive socialist left. They will still be angered, and we shall give them a deadly outcome, their electoral defeat.

The left has expended all of their political capital chasing a real manufactured crisis: the whole Russia collusion insanity. All the while, they revealed their deeper insanity by undermining our National sovereignty in embracing, supporting, and ignoring, the real crisis of illegal immigration.

Then it will come, the seminal question that has to be asked, and answered: why did we embark upon this folly called the Mueller special counsel investigation in the first place? Now, that is the real constitutional crisis that the left does not want to face. The weaponizing of a federal government law enforcement agency by a presidential administration against the political campaign of the opposition.

Then again, the left has an affinity for socialism. As Vladimir Lenin said, “the goal of socialism is communism.” Through communism, we know what happens to political opposition — just look at history: East German Stasi police, Venezuela, and yes, Russia. The real collusion is that today’s Democrat (socialist) Party resembles the tactics of another Vladimir Putin, as well as ol’ Uncle Joe Stalin.

Break out the popcorn, it is going to be entertaining folks . . . political Kabuki theater.

Just as an aside, the good folks over at Brown Books are releasing the Mueller Report and have asked me to pen an introduction. You can order it here.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.


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