I had a friend send me this very funny meme. It read: “Cheat to get into college and go to jail, cheat and enter America illegally, and go to college.” I am sure we can all find the humor in that statement, but there is also a serious truth and disgust about that statement. When we hear presidential candidates stating that they would provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants it should cause every American concern. That is true especially as we still have our veterans struggling. Funny, in New York, they consented to provide free college benefits to illegal immigrants, but not to Gold Star families.

With all of this as a backdrop, there was a highly disturbing decision that was recently made in California, but then again, there are many disturbing decisions emanating out of California.

See the following piece from Townhall:

“The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a California Appeals court has overturned the gun conviction against the illegal immigrant who killed the young American woman, Kate Steinle, in 2015. Jose Inez Garcia Zarate had already been acquitted of murder charges in 2017 related to the case after the court ruled his actions as an accident.

“Zarate has been previously deported five times and was in the country illegally at the time of the incident. On Friday, the ‘1st District Court of Appeals…overturned a gun conviction against Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate because the judge failed to instruct the jury on one of his defenses.”

“During the murder trail, the illegal immigrant claimed that he did not mean to kill Steinle, but ‘he unwittingly picked up the gun wrapped in a T-shirt and it fired accidentally.’

“The death occurred on a pier on San Francisco’s waterfront. San Francisco considers itself a sanctuary city, meaning it refuses to comply with federal immigration law. It is likely that had it complied with federal law, and had America secured its borders, Steinle would still be alive since Zarate would not have been present in the United States.”

First, let me offer my assessment and analysis. No one unwittingly picks up a gun and fires the gun accidently at another person. In the military we dealt with instances of “accidental discharges” of a weapon, but normally these occurred when someone was doing a functions check on their weapon or clearing it and not following proper procedures. And if you are a five-time deported illegal immigrant, one would think the last thing you would want to do is pick up and discharge a weapon in public.

Let me explain. Let’s say that out in my back yard my wife Angela, or our daughters, encounter a cottonmouth water moccasin snake. I retrieve my Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun and head to my backyard and blow the poisonous snake away. Guess what. I could be charged with the crime of discharging a firearm in public. Yep. So, how is it that a five-time deported illegal immigrant cannot even be found guilty of criminal felony possession of a firearm, and said discharge of that firearm in public?

The sad and tragic reality is that even an alleged criminal illegal immigrant is more important in California than the life of an innocent young American woman, Kate Steinle. And ponder this: all the talk from the progressive, socialist left about gun control when an incident suits their narrative. However, I spoke in California about the Second Amendment at Orange County College, and there were students who had never heard of Kate Steinle!

Why were there no national conversations and outrage about this tragic death of Kate Steinle? How could it be that an alleged criminal illegal immigrant was in possession of a firearm, firing it in a public space? And yes, I do find it rather perplexing that in a public space, there was a firearm just laying there wrapped in a t-shirt. After all, aren’t the gun control laws in California quite stringent?

There is nothing that meets the smell test here, and I would love to hear former San Francisco Mayor, now Governor, Gavin Newsom’s opinion of this court decision. Maybe we can get a comment or two from Nancy Pelosi? Hey, perhaps this will be a topic of discussion at the next Democratic Party presidential debate, which will be held in Houston, Texas? I can almost assure you the progressive, socialist presidential candidates will be harping away on gun control. Well, I have a little advice: fix this travesty first before you go on about disarming law-abiding legal gun owners in America.

Then again, one of the issues in the Democratic [Socialist] Party-controlled House of Representatives came earlier this year when the Democratic [Socialists] Party voted against a Republican Motion to Reconsider (MTR) – a procedural move. The MTR proposed as part of the left’s gun control legislation that illegal immigrants seeking to purchase a firearm should be reported to the federal government law enforcement. The MTR passed because several “moderate” Democratic Party House members supported the amendment, and that drew the ire of one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Does that mean the leader of the freshman leftist Suicide Squad has no issues with criminal illegal immigrants acquiring firearms?

This hypocrisy would be laughable if it were not so serious. And what is even more troubling is that the left continues to throw salt into the wound of the Steinle Family.

The lesson we must learn is that the ideological agenda of the left is more important than the life of a young innocent American woman who died in her Dad’s arms and uttering the heart-breaking words that she did not want to die.

And it’s possible it could have all been prevented, save the progressive, socialist left’s passion for illegal immigration.


This column was originally published at CNSNews.

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