Yes, Trump Derangement Syndrome does exist, and it has manifested itself in a very evident manner. I normally do not delve into the realm of culture, but this Jussie Smollett case is rather revealing of something deep, sinister, mentally disturbing.

We all remember how the progressive socialist left went into one of their memorable apoplectic meltdowns over the Covington Catholic High School incident. It reflected their sickness and willingness to embrace any lie as long as it was damning of President Trump, and the infamous MAGA hat wearing crowd.

Well, now we have another example of this delusion in what has evolved in this case surrounding Jussie Smollett. Admittedly, I have never watched the show “Empire,” and do not think I ever will. Unless you have been under a rock at the bottom of the sea with SpongeBob, you know that Smollett said that two people assaulted him with bleach and a noose shouting racial and anti-gay statements at 2 am in Chicago when it was 10 degrees. Oh yeah, the “attackers” specifically said it was “MAGA country.” Now, after an investigation based upon surveillance cameras, it appears that the “assailants” are two Nigerian brothers, one who is associated with Smollett. They are no longer considered suspects. Now, Smollett has “lawyered up” and has hired a PR crisis management firm . . . telling huh?

But, what is most disturbing and disconcerting about all of this comes from an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday . . . you know, the place whose slogan is “Democracy dies in Darkness.”The op-ed was written by a black woman, Nana Efua Mumford, who is an Executive Assistant for the WashPo editorial board. Here are the closing paragraphs to her op-ed piece:

“If Smollett’s story is found to be untrue, it will cause irreparable damage to the communities most affected. Smollett would be the first example skeptics cite when they say we should be dubious of victims who step forward to share their experiences of racist hate crimes or sexual violence. The incident would be touted as proof that there is a leftist conspiracy to cast Trump supporters as violent, murderous racists. It would be the very embodiment of “fake news.” And that reason, more than any other, is why I need this story to be true, despite its ugliness and despite what it would say about the danger of the world I live in.

The damage done would be too deep and long-lasting. This could be one tragedy that the Lyon family — and more importantly, the ordinary people who loved the show and invested in Smollett and his character — could never overcome.”


Yes, I know, a person is entitled to their opinion, but when that opinion supports lying to further an ideological agenda and is printed by a national paper of record, then, yes, this validates the concept of “fake news.” What Jussie Smollett seems to have allegedly done should not be supported in any way, shape, form, or fashion, by anyone . . .  and, certainly not someone associated with the editorial board of a major national newspaper.

Ms. Mumford states that she would prefer a lie if it supports a person who portrays a fictional character on a TV show. Ms. Mumford prefers a lie if it damns President Trump and his new “boogeyman” supporters. To think someone at the WashPo thought, “oh yeah, this would be great to print.”

Folks, I cannot wait until Saturday. I hereby recognize Ms. Nana Efua Mumford as a recipient of our “Stuck on Stupid” recognition. She is not just stupid for feeling this way, but for publicly stating so, and jeopardizing the reputation of the Washington Post Editorial Board. That is if anyone still thought they had a reputation.

The Washington Post seems to have admitted that they do indeed support the darkness of lying to undergird an ideological agenda. Ironically, that is, in fact, how Democracy dies. That is how you destroy our Constitutional Republic. I can only assume that the folks at the WashPo editorial board are “high fiving” Ms. Mumford, and each other.

Presidential contenders Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have also publicly weighed in with support for the Smollett story, as have Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and ol’ Mad Max Waters. Do they all share in Ms. Mumford’s preference for a lie if it gains political points against President Trump and his supporters?

However, the rest of us, out here in Old School Patriot country see the mainstream media elites as they are, purveyors — no, cheerleaders of  — untruths as long as it supports their agenda. Simply put, y’all will pay the price in November of 2020, trust me.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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