Apart from his long-demonstrated political incompetence easily hidden as a Senator, Joe Biden was once thought to have empathy… until he became president. He spent fifty years creating an image that he had a sense of caring. It was all a con job. He’s an immoral, unethical freeloader who berates his staff, screams at his aides, and is an all-around scumbag entering the dark realm of dementia. Biden couldn’t even remember when his Beau son died or where. When things go wrong, and he knows he’s stuck, he lashes out or turns and walks away, not caring. He sees Americans as sheep to be sheared.

For him, the disastrous Afghan pullout will never go away. It’s his! It will hang around his neck like a rotting albatross, and it infects everything he touches, as we have already seen his continuing failures. The deaths of the thirteen US warriors at Abby Gate can’t be brushed away, and the pullout can’t be justified as a brilliant tactical plan. It took Joe a whole year to visit the East Palestine, Ohio, train disaster site and three years to visit the southern border. He’s also become a crypto-Islamic, if only to appease the few Muslim voters from Dearbornestan, Michigan, thereby stabbing Israel in the back. His active steps to resupply Hamas with air drops of Skittles and MREs were a poke in Israel’s eye. Now, he wants to install a temporary pier on the Gaza shoreline, giving him a chance to provide humanitarian aid (weapons?) to Hamas. It was video recorded that after the air drops on the beach, Hamas collected all the food and sold it on the black market, with other useful items taken into what was left of their tunnel systems. What will they do with shiploads of more aid? You can bet Israel will bomb the pier and all the trucks, if they have the fuel to get there, into smithereens, a poke in Joe’s eye. Joe will then stop all aid to Israel, military and humanitarian, and order the US Navy to cease its defense of Red Sea shipping from the Houthi’s rockets and missiles. Forget Iran. Joe has been bought by them, too. Joe’s presidency, indeed his entire political life, will be stained by the mark of failure.

In his zeal to appear an effective leader, Joe Biden, this imposter president, has, as Republican Senator Katie Britt pointed out in her GOP response to Joe’s State of the Union campaign speech, become a “dithering and diminished leader” who has caused Americans to worry and panic about the future of the country, their safety, finances, and the innocence of their children. The murder rates and other felonious crimes against Americans, especially by illegal gangs allowed here, have nearly reached the breaking point of Americans’ patience. Calls for closing the border have risen to ‘demands’ to close the border, and our idiot president claims it’s Republican’s fault because they refuse to sign on to an unaffordable Border bill; that isn’t!

Nearly everything that has gone wrong in America after Trump, i.e., rising costs by inflation, growing organized gangs, street crimes, open attacks on police, and lack of arrests or convictions, is all connected to Joe’s open border policy. This crime can’t be constitutionally justified. Yet, it continues apace regardless of the economic damage it is doing to American cities and states, especially sanctuary cities. Joe inflicted A border scam upon us as part of his acknowledgment of the UN’s New World Order open borders initiative. Everything wrong in Biden’s foreign policy relates to his and his family’s earnings, leading to his bribery by Ukraine’s oil monopoly, China’s Communist Party, Moscow’s oligarchs, and Romanian businesses. In other words, “follow the money!” We’re facing a new level of internal violence intended to shut down America by Joe’s support of anti-American groups like Antifa, BLM, and the growing pro-Hamas terrorists lurking in our colleges and universities, and Chinese saboteurs even, not to mention the bold Mexican drug and human trafficking cartels acting with near impunity against all that America stands for. Without nuts, of contradiction, Joe’s administration can be considered “Biden’s Gang,” a bureaucratic assemblage of fruits, nuts, and flakes dedicated to fundamentally changing America and making money in the process.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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This column was published at Stand Up America US

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