Anti-government protests throughout Iran are heating up, with security forces reportedly killing four protesters Saturday night. The unrest is driven by Iran’s crippling economic conditions. Unemployment is soaring as Iran’s currency, the rial, plummets by more than 50 percent. The city of Khorramshahr, in southwest Iran near the Iraqi border, has been without drinkable water for more than two weeks.

Iran’s economy was supposed to be aided by the elimination of economic sanctions under the nuclear deal reached with the United States and five allied nations. Instead, the regime chose to invest heavily in proxy wars in Yemen, in sending its own troops to protect Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and to underwrite Hamas and Hizballah’s endless terror campaigns aimed at annihilating Israel.

Now the U.S. has withdrawn from the nuclear deal and is imposing new sanctions, promising to make Iran’s economy worse. Ordinary Iranians in dozens of cities have taken to the street to curse their leaders, curse the terrorists in far-away lands and to say, essentially, Iran First.

In many of the clips, you will see dozens of people holding their phones up to record the action. Some of those Iranians sent their videos to an Investigative Project on Terrorism source to provide an inside look at the latest uprising against the Iranian regime.

The video starts with images from Khorramshahr, scene of the most intense demonstrations so far. Reports say four people killed by government forces. Iran denies any fatalities.


This article was originally published at The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

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