Ilhan Omar has referred to now dead Quds Force Commander General Qassim Suleimani, as a foreign official.

Suleimani was the head of a designated Islamic terrorist organization. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Omar is the same person who referred to 911 as “some people did something,” and has made countless anti-Semitic statements for which the Democrat (socialist) Party refused to hold her accountable. She disgraces the office and should not be a member of Congress. At a minimum, her security clearance — a privilege, not a right — should be revoked.Way to go, progressive socialist leftists, you’re giving us every possible reason to defeat y’all in November. It is unconscionable to me that these people find such comfort aligning with Islamic jihadists and terrorists!

I discussed this today with Todd Starnes on his radio show. The segment begins at approximately the 01:20:08 mark.

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