In their growing panic that Trump will become the next President of the United States, disturbed Democrats and Uniparty Republicans are threatening to promote a military coup against him, relieve him of his presidential authority as Commander-in-Chief, install Martial law and do other things to prevent him from becoming a dictator. He wasn’t a dictator before; why would they think so now? But, in the depths of their dysfunctional little brains, they believe it, but I’ll bet the military doesn’t. Officers could be shot for treason if they lost in the attempt, and it would signal open season on all the Leftists who brought us to this sad end.

Before, during, and after Trump’s first term, the Democrats repeatedly violated the Constitution and the rule of law to eliminate the people’s choice or stop him from doing his job. They ultimately succeeded and, in consequence, installed this dipstick of a politician, Joe Biden, in the presidency. America immediately went downhill from then. For the first time in our history, if someone posts, “he’s an idiot,” 90% of the world will know exactly who they’re talking about.

The lack of forethought in Joe Biden’s so-called foreign policy decisions is incredible. His once lauded foreign policy expertise, or lack thereof, has brought us to the brink of another world war. Already, because Joe Biden uttered some silly nonsense about not defending Ukraine from ‘minor’ Russian incursions, a green light was flashed to Vladimir Putin, his army already occupying several Ukrainian borders ‘Oblasts,’ to launch a full-out attempt to take the whole country. That Putin’s army couldn’t and has suffered considerable losses in men and equipment in the attempts is evidence enough that Socialist governments, like Russia, are corrupt, very hollow in substance, weak in leadership, and materially poor in equipment. We are learning the same thing about corruption in China’s military. Generals, who were once peasants, saw that the military acquisition program required the construction of an army machine equal to Russia and a Navy better than the US was ripe for the pickings. Chinese Generals have fallen into the same trap as Russian Generals, made feckless by their greed. China’s feared ICBM rockets are inoperable because their fuel tanks were siphoned off for fuel to heat and cook in Chinese homes and refilled with water, rendering them unable to launch; military aircraft built from stolen plans that render them unaffordable to maintain after a few hours of flight, are incapable of challenging the US Navy in direct combat.

Our military-industrial complex is in full swing, trying to replace the stock of munitions we supplied to Ukraine as well as keeping Israel replenished. The fear that China will soon attack Taiwan hangs like ripe fruit on a tree. In the event China does decide to launch its long-threatened attack even with inferior equipment, now’s the time to do it because Joe Biden, as he did to Ukraine, just flashed a green light to Emperor Ji to do just that. Joe Biden, a compromised paid agent of the Chinese Communist Party and, like his CCP masters not liking the outcome of Taiwan’s recent presidential election of a pro-independence candidate, changed his mind and said, “We do not support independence for Taiwan.” Biden had unequivocally vowed to defend Taiwan if China attacked and now, like his climate czar John Kerry, has flipped-flopped. Our Joe can’t serve two masters, China, and his pledge to defend Taiwan, but he’s trying.

Perhaps the Democrat and Uniparty Republicans should seriously think about staging their military coup right now before Trump gets back into office. MAGA Americans wouldn’t resist that at all, but it would bring our once great Constitutional Republic to an end, and the world would suffer for decades. Like a military coup, to abandon Taiwan would be an act of treason. From my perch as a former counterintelligence agent, I see America becoming the very country, a 4th Reich if you will, that Hitler wanted to take Germany. The problem is that America has no psychotic leader to take us there. Instead, we have supplemented positive leadership for a Constitutional American with a marionette-style idiot incapable of understanding the damage he is doing to our country. Si vis Pacem, para bellum!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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This column was published at Paul Vallely’s Substack

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