“A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” (USSR Communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin)

“On the morrow of each conflict I gave the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind.” (Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini)

“If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” (Soviet Union Communist Dictator Josef Stalin)

There is a situation brewing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a place that our first, third, and fifth Presidents called home. Virginia is also the home of the authors of our Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

In a previous CNSNews op-ed, I shared some quotes from those Founding Fathers of Virginia on the topic of the Second Amendment.

However, it appears that in today’s Virginia, the Democrat [Socialist] leaders there are taking their cues not from Washington, Jefferson, Madison, or Patrick Henry, but instead from those aforementioned brutal socialist, fascist, communist dictators who were responsible for the deaths of millions…in their quest for totalitarian control, power, tyranny.

Last year, the State House and Senate in Virginia flipped to the leftists, and the explanation is simple. The major population centers of Fairfax and Prince William counties, suburbs of Washington, D.C., propelled the progressive socialists into power. And their intended first legislative objective aligns not with our Constitution, our rule of law, but rather with the principles of Lenin, Mussolini, and Stalin.

Now, disgraced Virginia Governor, Ralph “Blackface” Northam — just imagine if a Republican governor was guilty of same — has the legislative backing to institute the leftist ideological agenda. This is nothing new, and most recently we saw Venezuelan socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez, ban private gun ownership, in 2011. His excuse, yes, to curtail gun violence, and any honest person can assess exactly what that has meant for the people of what was once a highly prosperous Nation in our hemisphere.

Northam and his leftist minions are following Lenin’s playbook with forcing universal background checks, banning certain firearms, and implementing red flag laws. And we should not be surprised.

The progressive socialist left has used taxing pieces of ammunition and gun violence taxes, in Seattle, to undermine the second amendment right of law-abiding legal gun owners. They have sought to mandate the size of semi-automatic weapon magazine sizes. And it was failed presidential and senatorial candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke who admitted to the process of Mussolini and Stalin. As well, the leftists in Virginia have admitted to seeking to use the National Guard to enforce their unconstitutional aims, goals, and objectives.

And now, this, just from last week. First, the progressive socialists in control of the Virginia legislature banned firearms at the State Capitol.

Secondly, Virginia Democrats have introduced a bill that would make owning and operating an indoor shooting range illegal. HB 567, brought forward by Del. Dan Helmer (D-40th District) is summarized as follows:

“Prohibits the operation of an indoor shooting range, defined in the bill, in any building not owned or leased by the Commonwealth or federal government unless (i) fewer than 50 employees work in the building or (ii) (a) at least 90 percent of the users of the indoor shooting range are law-enforcement officers or federal law-enforcement officers, (b) the indoor shooting range maintains a log of each user’s name, phone number, address, and the law-enforcement agency where such user is employed, and (c) the indoor shooting range verifies each user’s identity and address by requiring all users to present a government-issued photo-identification card. The bill provides that any person that violates the provisions of this section is subject to a civil penalty of not less than $1,000 nor more than $100,000 for the initial violation and $5,000 per day for each day of violation thereafter.”

So, now these deranged individuals are proposing legislation to punish small and medium size business owners who have indoor gun ranges. They are also demanding that these indoor ranges get the permission of the government and maintain a user list. Hmm, I wonder why the socialists of Virginia want a list of citizens who frequent an indoor gun range?

However, in the face of this targeted tyranny, the good people of Virginia are fighting back, standing up, just like their patriotic forefathers and foremothers did for the sake of liberty and freedom. There are now 100 counties, cities, and towns which have declared themselves as second amendment sanctuaries. As expected, the progressive socialist leftists are dismissing them, no surprise because only the ideological agenda of the left, sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, is acceptable…not a measure to support our constitutional rights.

Northam is now facing 85/95 Virginia counties, 10/38 independent cities, and 19 towns – latest being Highland County (Harrisonburg, Va.) – as declared sanctuaries for the second amendment. What these numbers evidence is a tyranny of a minority, meaning a minority of counties in Virginia. Could it possibly be that ten Virginia counties are in the position of ruling over that state, causing it to flip, legislatively, to the progressive socialist left? This is the real lesson to be learned in our red, conservative, states.

Here we have a mini lesson as to why our Founders instituted the Electoral College at a national level, to prevent the tyranny of a pure democracy. Even here in Texas we are seeing a few counties, due to their mass of population centered in urban and suburban areas, dominating the state electoral atmosphere. And yes, we are seeing counties declare themselves as sanctuaries for the second amendment here in Texas…a state with 254 counties, but dominated by Dallas, Travis, Bexar, Harris, El Paso counties…centered on major cities, controlled by the left.

On January 20th, the Virginia Citizens Defense League is holding a major rally in the capital of Virginia, Richmond. These are law abiding, legal gun owners of the Commonwealth, who wish not to be victims of the ideological agenda of Lenin, Mussolini, and Stalin. There is a clear choice we have this year in America…liberty and freedom, or leftist tyranny and subjugation. Socialism, communism, cannot advance itself on its own merits…it takes fear, intimidation, coercion, threats, and eventually violence.

None of this is possible if We the People have the right to be armed. The immutable truth is that an armed individual is a citizen, and unarmed one is a subject…which leads to my closing quotes.

 “The Constitution of the United States of America clearly affirms the right of every American citizen to bear arms. And as Americans, we will not give up a single right guaranteed under the Constitution.” (Malcolm X)

And that is why, as an American Black Man, I am a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, the Gun Owners of America, the Texas State Rifle Association, and the Dallas Safari Club. I know the history of the Democrats in disarming freed Blacks, making them victims of their terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan.

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