Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Congress this week that if lawmakers fail to pass more aid to Ukraine, it “very likely” will lead to U.S. troops on the ground in Europe defending NATO allies in other countries Russia may target next.

Yes, that is all we need the United States to do: a war between the US and Russia. Putin has no plans to engage in expanding their borders and attack NATO nations. Western propaganda only encourages bad blood between NATO members and the United States. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is soon coming to an end. From Russia’s viewpoint, it will keep the eastern provinces plus Crimea. Zelensky is on his last legs, as is his support from the European countries and the United States. 

Tucker Carlson confirms that defense secretary Lloyd Austin threatened to send “your uncles, cousins and sons” to fight Russia unless more money is sent to Zelensky. The revelation comes just days after White House official John Kirby said that “American blood” will be the “cost” of supporting Ukraine if we stop sending them money. 

“If Putin takes over Ukraine, he’ll get Moldova, Georgia, then maybe the Baltics,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul told The Messenger after senior Biden administration military and intelligence officials briefed House lawmakers on the need for Congress to approve more aid to war-torn Ukraine. McCaul has no track record of being a brilliant strategist, especially on foreign affairs. “And then the idea that we’ll have to put troops on the ground in Secretary Austin’s word was very likely,” McCaul, R-Texas, said. “That’s what we’re trying to avoid,” McCaul said he hopes that message helps underscore to his colleagues that passing more aid to Ukraine is not just about assisting Kyiv. If the U.S. pulls support to Ukraine, “we lose all of our goodwill with our NATO allies,” he said. “No one’s going to trust us again.”

But the warnings did little to win over GOP skeptics, who have been demanding more accountability around the money that has already been spent and clear objectives on how additional aid will help Ukraine defeat Russia.

“I don’t think we got the clarity that we’ve been requesting,” House Speaker Mike Johnson told The Messenger as he left the classified briefing, adding, “It remains to be seen whether members are satisfied with the answers provided.”

Several Republicans said they were not satisfied with the briefing. Rep. John Duarte called it “prescriptive and staged.” “I didn’t get a sense that any minds were changed there,” the California Republican told The Messenger. “It wasn’t impressive or insightful other than what you might see in the news. It was just a hopeful pressure effort.” Duarte is not relenting the pressure and said he supports House Republicans’ plan to hold. “I’ll be hanging with the speaker on this one,” he said. The senior Biden administration officials are set to brief Senate lawmakers later Tuesday afternoon. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was initially scheduled to join the Senate briefing via video. Still, something came up, and he can no longer attend, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters.

Senate Democrats already understand the stakes of failing to pass Ukraine aid could be that Putin invades a NATO country and forces the U.S. to send troops to help per the alliance’s defense pact. “If Putin moves on a NATO country — and I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility — there is a fight involving U.S. troops if we don’t support Ukraine’s fight right now,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said—another naïve member of our Senate. 

The White House publicly warned lawmakers earlier this week that if Congress does not pass more Ukraine aid this year, it will not be able to send more weapons to Ukraine without depleting the U.S. stockpile and undermining domestic military readiness. “That is a concern,” Duarte acknowledged. “That’s why the president needs to start negotiating and quit screwing around with vacuous briefings that tell us things we already know.”

Rep. Byron Donalds called the classified Ukraine briefing “boring” and said it took over half an hour before the administration officials took questions, which is what most members care about. “These guys are just speechifying about most of the stuff you already report on the news,” the Florida Republican said. “We never learn anything in these joint briefings. They’re stupid.” Yes, and very naive. Donalds said he believes the administration when he says it is about to run out of money to send weapons to Ukraine, but he still wants to secure the U.S. southern border first.

“Joe Biden needs to do his job, secure our border,” he said. “You do that, then members of Congress will talk.” Even some Democrats who support funding Ukraine’s war against Russia said it didn’t seem to sway hesitant Republicans toward the cause.

“The ones who want to get the message are getting it,” Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., told The Messenger. The other 100 Republicans who have been voting against Ukraine aid on the floor this year are not, he said, declaring, “The Reagan doctrine is gone.”

[1] The Messenger by Lindsey McPherson

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