Last year we shared with you a story about a little American black kid in eastern North Carolina who was punished by his teacher. Now, you would say so what, no big deal. Well, if you recall, the young fella was punished because he addressed his teacher using the respectful title of “Ma’am.”

Those of us who were raised in a respectful household were taught to address folks using the words of “Sir and Ma’am.” As a matter of fact, many of us held our parents in high esteem, and respected adults and positions of authority, and continue to do so today. The fact that a little boy was chastised for obeying his parents, and in the black community, a kid with both parents at home is a rarity, it abjectly absurd. It also reflects the downward spiral in our American culture.

But, I have an even more egregious display of the free-fall in which we find our American culture.

As reported by WPTV in West Palm Beach Florida,

“An African American security guard told a student to stop calling him the n-word. It cost him his job. Marlon Anderson was a security guard at Madison West High School in Wisconsin. Last Wednesday, he was called in to help the assistant principal escort a student from school grounds, he told CNN.

The student was resisting, including yelling and pushing the principal. Anderson called for backup, and the student started yelling expletives at him, including the racial slur, Anderson said. At first, Anderson said he asked the student to stop calling him that, without saying the word. But the student continued to call him different variations of the word.

Finally, Anderson said he responded: “Don’t call me (n-word).” That’s the comment that got him fired. When contacted for comment, the school did not respond directly to Anderson’s firing, but said it has a zero-tolerance policy for the use of racial slurs.

“We are working to make our school climates the best they can be for all students and staff,” said Gloria Reyes, president of the Madison Board of Education in a statement. “We’ve taken a tough stance on racial slurs, and we believe that language has no place in schools.”

Folks, this is certainly clear and present evidence of “stuck on stupid.” Instead of being concerned about the belligerent student who was physically assaulting a high school principal, the punishment is aimed at the adult trying to do his job and control the disrespectful student.

I can only imagine that if Mr. Anderson had used physical force against this student, he would find himself being charged with assault. This is how the so-called “woke” progressive socialist left is aiding and abetting the downward spiral of American culture. This case shows the utter lack of common sense that has come to define the left in America. It is apparent that Marlon Anderson was not directing the use of that disparaging and denigrating word towards anyone, not the student. Anderson had already stated, “stop calling me that.” He was only clarifying to the student what “that” was since the student continued to use the word.

The useful idiot named Gloria Reyes of the Madison Board of Education gives reason as to why we need to expel these delusional social justice warriors from our governing school boards. The last thing we need are these mindless leftists imposing their ideological agenda in our system of education, turning them into indoctrination centers.

As well, I would advance the thought that this same stupid response in the firing of Marlon Anderson, is why the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS shooting took place in Parkland, Florida. The leftists continue to dismiss the abhorrent, and violent behavior of these students. Thanks to the Obama administration’s “Promise Program,” many of these schools are not reporting violent behavior of minority students because it is apparently “racist” and “oppressive” to do so. Social justice for ya, folks.

Therefore, all of the disturbing behavior of one Nicholas Cruz was never reported — including his expulsion from school — to law enforcement agencies. As well, there was no follow-up, actions taken, for the near 40 times law enforcement was called out to his home for domestic disturbances. When the almost predictable happened, who did the left blame? Well, not who, but what? The weapon.

If these are the real consequences for the disconcerting decision to fire Marlon Anderson, who will want to be a security officer? And understand, Mr. Anderson has skin in this game:

“Anderson had been working at the school district for 11 years. He has two sons who attended Madison West High School. One is a current senior and the other is a graduate of the high school.”

There is also a silver lining and perhaps a good ending to this story:

“Anderson isn’t without his supporters, though. The Boys & Girls Club of Dane County hired Anderson as its temporary director of program operations. In a Facebook post announcing the hire, the nonprofit wrote that Anderson has “an amazing track record” with local teens.

CNN affiliate WKOW reported that Madison West students staged a walkout on Friday in support of Anderson. And, if that wasn’t enough, singer Cher even offered to pay his legal fees if he chooses to sue.”

Hey Cher, I am with you on this one!

Back in my day growing up, if I had referred to any black adult using the n-word, I would have gotten a beat down. It would have come from that person, man or woman, and then from my parents, Buck and Snooks West. The real question we must ask is, what has happened to the character traits of respect and dignity in the black community? This is why I despise so-called rap music and what it has become, the glorification of the use of that disgusting word.

Yes, we are witnessing the downward spiral of our American culture. A little black child is punished for saying “Ma’am,” and an adult black man is punished for demanding a student stop referring to him as an “n-word.”

We are living in Bizarro World where good is bad and evil is good . . . but perhaps, we will awaken from this slumber and reject the progressive socialist left’s poison.

[UPDATE: After this story went to press, Mr. Anderson received word he was to be reinstated. Terms, as of this writing, have not been established. Thanks to all who were outraged and spoke out. God’s blessings to Mr. Anderson!]

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot

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