Communist China’s premier, Li Qiang, will visit Australia around June 16th, 2024, with the intent to advance collaborations with Australia. Over the last 50 years, Australia has built a strong political, economic, and cultural tie with communist China. Currently, China is Australia’s largest trading partner. Li is scheduled to meet with a group of Australian business leaders in the upcoming visit.

On May 23, 2024, communist China launched military drills surrounding Taiwan after the inauguration of the new president, Lai. This wargame sent warnings to Taiwan and America.  Information leaked from the top layer in China reveals that Xi and other Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders are determined to attack Taiwan after the 2024 General Election, probably between 2025-2027, since the CCP predicted that the United States would be seriously split and weakened no matter who becomes the next president.  Whether this intel is true or a bluffing by the CCP is unknown, but where Australia truly stands, with the tyranny of the free world, becomes an important question at this critical time.

Dire Challenges Australia Facing

Australia remains passive in the face of the grievous threats from Communist China. At the same time, the rest of our free world, led by the United States and European countries, has already awoken to the “Unrestricted Warfare” launched by the evil (CCP).  This unrestricted warfare, devoid of a moral bottom line, manifests in trade, cyber, biochemical, political, intelligence, drug, cultural, and many more wars against the free world.  Over the last two decades, the CCP

·        has dragged the free world to the brink of economic crisis.

·        has manipulated public opinions and exported CCP’s propaganda through the free world’s media and Confucius Institutes, etc., to carry out ideological warfare.

·        has bribed numerous politicians, business leaders, think tank experts, academics, and influential figures.

·        has deployed a vast network of spies to engage in espionage.

·        has stolen an enormous amount of technology/trade secrets, intelligence, and intellectual properties through academic exchanges, talent development programs, corporate espionage, and unfair trade policies.

·        has adopted “divide-and-conquer” tactics to pit free countries against one another.

·        has sent numerous students to steal intelligence at elite universities while spreading the CCP culture among young people.

·        has generated a dire moral deterioration in the free world by exporting communist cultural and performing arts programs that promote anti-tradition, anti-humanity, and anti-divine themes.

One infamous example of CCP’s “divide-and-conquer” tactic involved using market access as bait; the CCP coerced four major high-speed rail companies ─ Japan’s Kawasaki, France’s Alstom, Germany’s Siemens, and Canada’s Bombardier ─ into transferring their core technologies to China. The CCP combined these technologies to build the world’s most advanced high-speed rail system.  As the CCP applied its “indigenous” technology, none of the four companies gained much business or profit.

The damage to the free world from the CCP’s unrestricted warfare is staggering.  By 2017, America alone had lost at least 60,000 factories and 6 million jobs due to rampant corporate espionage, massive subsidies for exported goods, and unfair trade practices by the CCP.  Australia’s losses are also severe, indicated by a grave economic recession.

In 2001, the West welcomed the CCP to the WTO, hoping that a wealthier China would transition into a free-world country.  Twenty-three years later, the harsh reality has proven otherwise.  The evil CCP has only become more rampant with increased power, revealing its covert goal of ruling the world and transforming it into an anti-humanity totalitarian society.

Today, the United States and European countries finally grasp the nature and goal of the evil CCP and have begun to counteract its dire threats. The US was the first to impose heavy tariffs on some imports from China, followed by several trade restrictions. Following the United States, the EU has also taken numerous anti-dumping measures against communist China.

However, Australia has not adequately addressed the CCP’s “Unrestricted Warfare” through “soft power.” The once vibrant “Australian Dream” is nearly shattered for ordinary Australians.  They struggle to make ends meet, facing rising rents and costs of essential goods.

Australian colleges, especially the elite ones, are crowded with students from communist China closely monitored by the CCP spies.  The CCP aims to “pick flowers in foreign lands and make honey in China.”

Relying on technology theft and abundant raw materials imported from Australia, the CCP has quickly risen in areas such as lithium ore processing, lithium battery production, electric vehicle manufacturing, and more, advancing its agenda of establishing a new world order.  While the CCP boasts that Chinese tourists have assisted the Australian economy, it neglects to mention how CCP wealth has created a crisis in the Australian real estate market.  Furthermore, the CCP has been deceiving Australians into believing their future growth depends on continued ties with the CCP.

CCP Aims at Building Tyranny in the World

Whether rich or poor, the CCP maintains its inherently evil nature of being anti-truth, anti-humanity, and anti-divine.  The CCP’s nine inherited traits ─ evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, robbery, fighting, elimination, and control are evident in its internal totalitarian rule and global expansion.  As the Chinese communists repeatedly vow to “build alliances with the rest of the world,” the real goal is to spread communism globally.  It aims to destroy all truths, religions, and traditions in the world, corrupt humanity, and ultimately build tyranny in the world.

The 5000-year-old traditional Chinese culture, founded upon faith and reverence of virtue, teaches people to live in harmony with the universe.  By doing so, individuals can earn blessings from heaven, as the divine evaluates humanity according to eternal law.  This timeless law establishes a fundamental moral system that ensures the stability of Chinese society.  The essence of traditional Chinese culture shares many similarities with the traditional values of the free world.

However, since seizing power in 1949, the CCP has wreaked havoc in China.  By the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, the CCP had demolished all religions, eradicated all traditions, and caused the deaths of over 80 million Chinese people, surpassing the combined death tolls of WWI and WWII.

      CCP’s Brutal Persecution of Falun Gong Has Lasted 25 Years

For 25 years, the CCP has been covering up the most brutal persecution in human history – the persecution of Falun Gong. As part of ancient traditional Chinese culture, Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a self-improvement spiritual practice made public in 1992.  It offered miraculous health benefits to tens of millions and brought an unprecedented moral recovery to society. By 1998, about 100 million Chinese from all occupations, including many senior CCP cadres, were practicing Falun Dafa.  However, in July 1999, under the direction of then-CCP head Jiang Zemin, the CCP launched a violent persecution of Falun Dafa based on fabricated propaganda, including a staged self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square.  Over the last 25 years, millions of Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally imprisoned, brutally tortured, or killed. Many tragically have fallen victim to live organ harvesting ─ an unprecedented crime on this planet.

In September 1999, in an internal lecture to senior CCP officials, Ye Xiaowen, the head of the State Administration of Religious Affairs, passed on the directions from Jiang Zemin, then the CCP head. Ye stressed that the CCP’s goal was to eradicate all beliefs in the divine to control all minds. However, the sudden emergence of Falun Dafa undermined the CCP’s 50-year “achievement.” Hence, if the CCP did not eradicate Falun Gong, the CCP itself would face death.

Over the last 25 years, Falun Dafa practitioners in China have operated tens of thousands of underground printing houses to produce pamphlets that expose the deceits of the CCP, explain the evil nature of communism, and urge their fellow Chinese to renounce their affiliation with CCP.  Overseas Falun Dafa practitioners developed free software for millions of mainlanders to bypass the CCP’s internet “Great Firewall”.  As of June 2024, these efforts have brought over 432 million Chinese to renounce their ties to the CCP using aliases on Chinese Epoch Times ( These actions have a profound impact on the Chinese society.

The Solution

“The rise of the CCP resulted mainly from moral corruption and people’s being blinded by the pursuit of vested interests.  To escape this fate, we must summon our moral courage and revive traditional values…

The CCP is the enemy of all humanity, having established the bloodiest yet most powerful tyranny history has ever seen.  All nations and peoples must resist its global ambitions if they are to secure their future and that of all civilization.  The evil CCP is destined for elimination; to reject the CCP is to avoid sharing in its fate.”

─ from the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

As the old saying goes, “The good begets good, the evil begets evil”.  Historically, every large-scale religious persecution was followed by a major human catastrophe.  The brutal persecution over Christians by the mighty Roman Empire brought 3 major pandemics, eventually a complete collapse to the empire.

History repeats itself.  Up to today, the pandemic is still rampant in China while the CCP is tightly covering up the true death toll, which is estimated to be as high as 400-500 million, according to insiders.  Analysis on the national grain and salt consumption indicates that the current population in China is only around 800 million.  This also explains why, since 2022, the CCP has been heavily promoting the 3-child policy after terminating its notorious 4-decade-long one-child policy.

During the pandemic, manufacturing businesses and investments flooded out of China. Consequently, China’s economy is reported to have receded to the early 90s, indicated by a staggering unemployment rate, crashing real estate and stock markets, etc. Chinese people are struggling. As all the internal conflicts intensify, a big change is being brewed.

The deadly coronavirus epidemic has taught the world a lesson—that the CCP will do whatever it takes to exploit human nature’s goodwill, naivety, and weakness to further its plot. However, it is a universal law that goodness will ultimately triumph.

At this historical crossroads, all the good forces must unite against the vicious actions of the CCP and dismantle its grip on power.  Being a weak link in the free world, Australia must awaken to the sinister tactics of the CCP, which seeks to undermine the nation through “soft power.”  The United States and the rest of the free world should strengthen alliances with Australia and implement robust strategies to counter the CCP’s multifaceted assaults.

God bless America!


This article was published on Paul Vallely’s Substack

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