Patriotic Americans are beginning to say, “Enough is Enough.” In early 2023, we wrote “America’s End Game for the 21st Century: A Blueprint for Saving Our Country” to provide a game plan for patriotic Americans who reject the Marxist agenda. Our blueprint for saving America contains seven critical strategies for defeating Leftist ideologues and restoring our country to the principles and values that made it great. These strategies include:

·               Achieve an American spiritual revival.

·               Preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights

·               Reject historical revisionism and refute the big lies of the secular Left.

·               Preserve capitalism and reject socialism.

·               Restore patriotism and love of the country.

·               Overcome specific domestic threats to America’s end game.

·               Overcome specific foreign threats to America’s end game. 

·               Reorganize the Federal Deep State Structure

·               Rebuild our Military.

·               Restore “State Rights” from Federal Rights per the 10th Amendment.

Do we need a new and revised Constitutional Government to guide America’s future?

Our political parties, Republican and Democrat, should be abolished because they no longer have value to America. Greedy, Uniparty politicians have corrupted the parties to achieve their common goal: acquiring wealth. The Marxists, hidden within the Democrat Party, aim to undermine America while getting rich in the meantime. Collectively, as the “Uni-Party,” aka the “Deep State” or the Bureaucratic state, they are kept in line by the Intelligence agencies who occupy a position that controls all. Government politicians moving in lockstep to fundamentally change America has become a criminal enterprise that, to survive, has resorted to Gestapo, KGB-style tactics to suppress descent.

Today’s political turmoil exists because of Trump’s shocking 2016 election victory that revealed many career politicians as greedy creatures devoted to self-enrichment and personal aggrandizement while ignoring Constitutional restrictions and the actual needs, not the imagined Woke needs, of America. Rules of wealth transfer have been rigged in their favor. They have even removed themselves from standard government retirement and healthcare systems to survive the coming financial disaster that Bidenomics is conferring upon us. They survive by yielding to worldwide corporations that thrive on taxpayer-funded government contracts, especially weapons providers. The needs of the military-industrial complex have focused government needs into uniparty thinking, telling us they are working in the best interest of Americans. In fact, by their very processes of skirting the bounds of legality, they operate together toward one goal: a Socialist America. Rarely do any of them go to jail.

Suppose Republicans had any interest in retaining the trust of Americans. How can they excuse Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger’s willing participation in Pelosi’s rigged 06Jan kangaroo court or the twelve Republican Senators who voted with Democrats to pass the 4,155 pages-long 2022 $1.7 trillion Omnibus spending bill that does not benefit America one iota? The bill was a scheme to lock in ridiculous spending for a whole year of a House in Republican control. Their latest attempt will not pass the house without a border fence. Pelosi is gone, and this latest doomed attempt represented Schumer’s grand scheme to loot the treasury before the 2024 election. An alert electorate does not want any funding bill without a border fence, and Ukraine must get in line. Leading the charge, of course, was GOP Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), who happily just announced his decision to give up leadership. The Republican base loathes the old RINO GOP and rejoices at Mitches’ decision. The conservative base will support President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign without further meddling from McConnell. The clue is: if Mitch thought the pro-Trump political sands were not shifting beneath his feet, he would not have given his notice.

It is Ukraine’s borders that warmongers want to protect, but not one dime for our porous southern border. The border fence was explicitly prohibited in Schumer’s bill. We have a values problem! Ukraine’s border plight, i.e., the Invasion by Russia, is a difficult one to address, but not so the invasion of America. The New World Order wants Russia debilitated using the Ukraine to do it. The New World Order crowd wants America to be nonwhite, and Biden and progressives are seeing to that. What are Biden’s priorities? He does not know of course, but Americans are suffering from rising crime rates, drug deaths, rising inflation, and a lack of readily available energy. Wind and sun do not measure up to America’s needs, but it makes no matter to totalitarian mandates. With the collapse of the USSR, Russia had a chance for a democratic résurgence and an open window to prosperity with capitalism. Putin ended that, and like Mitch, he is the last of the old Bolshevik Stalinists who brutally ran their country into the poverty that only socialism can provide. That is where Biden’s (Obama’s) government is also taking us, including the GOP. We need Trump!

What will America look like when patriots save our country from the demonic schemes of the Left? We pray you join us in this critical battle for America’s soul.      Our founders took great care when defining treason in the Constitution. They were traitors to the British crown. It had to be well-defined and documented. Because Treason in America is historically rare, we have not, nor do we intend to, take the accusation of treason lightly.

America’s political position today is unlike anything ever seen in our history, or world history, for that matter. An influential group of elite globalists has succeeded in recruiting, training, and equipping an army of traitors and operatives (including well-armed militias and cartels) in America and the world to subvert the normal operations of government and move toward the globalist’s goals of corrupting those governments and individual social contracts in such a way as to destroy those governments and the fabric of the societies those governments represent. This imposes alternative governments without freedom, public choice, or legal recourse.

To bring our national establishment to heel and to counter provocative actions taken by foreign and domestic enemies, we must:

  1. Establish honest 2024 and future elections. Paper ballots, voter ID, same-day voting, and voting systems that cannot connect to the Internet or any outside control or influence must be set up. Election Fraud or interference is a criminal act. We cannot allow foreign governments to control our elections.
  2. Update the definition of Treason to specifically include non-kinetic war, including Mind WarUnrestricted WarCyber Warfare, and Bio-War. We must end foreign donations to elected officials through family or corporate connections. Severe criminal penalties for this new form of treason need to be enacted urgently.
  3. We must stop the security state from being weaponized against political opponents. NSA and CIA activity against citizens must be halted pending an overhaul of the system. FBI kill teams must be held accountable. Raids on churches, priests, and ministers must stop.
  4. Government censorship or propaganda must be banned. There is no “Ministry of Truth.” This is not Stalin’s Russia. Obama’s legislation allowing propaganda in the United States must be canceled. It smothers the First Amendment.
  5. The stolen 2020 Election and the J6 coup need to be investigated entirely (with criminal penalties) before the next election. The CCP elected Joe Biden, not the American people.
  6. Borders must be controlled, and dangerous illegals must be deported or jailed.
  7. Enact legislation and an Amendment to our Constitution prohibiting any foreign influence, treaty, or Executive Order that will endanger or weaken our national sovereignty. We also need local militias and the 2A to ensure “law and order” and personal safety.

These actions must be taken before the 2024 elections. Failure to do so should also be considered a TREASON against our republic.

Thomas Jefferson once stated, “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.”

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