Perhaps I am dating myself a tad bit, but I remember the song by Jim Croce called “Big Jim.” The refrain was:

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape,
You don’t spit in the wind,
You don’t pull the mask off the old Long Ranger,
And you don’t mess around with Jim…

Right now, y’all are thinking, where is ol’ Col. West going with this? Is this another indicator that he had too many landings on his head as an Army paratrooper?

No, quite the contrary, it would have behooved House Democrat impeachment managers Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler to have listened to that song by Croce before heading over to stand to speak before the US Senate.

Having been in the US House of Representatives myself, I can attest to the fact that US Senators carry a bit of an elitist attitude about them. I am surprised that they do not sit about in white robes and speak in highbrow, lofty means…sorry, they do, just no togas.

Schiff and Nadler made the mistake of believing that the typical overarching, hyperbolic rhetoric of the progressive socialist left in the House of Representatives would work in the US Senate. They seemed to have forgotten that they were speaking before the “upper chamber” of our legislative branch, and not to the fawning, useful idiots, found on leftist media outlets, or on their side of the aisle in the House.

They failed to recognize that they were participating in a trial proceeding. They were making opening statements in something that had only ever taken place in the history of our Constitutional Republic twice before. They were not speaking at an Antifa or a Democrat [Socialist] party rally…the lines between the two are becoming indistinguishable

No, Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler did not listen to Jim Croce. Instead they cracked open Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and got the script, to their utter detriment. They wrongly felt that they could threaten, intimidate, bully, coerce, and cajole several Republican members of the US Senate into cowering and acquiescing before their illogical rants.

Going before the US Senate as a delusional impeachment manager, one of Nancy Pelosi’s errand boys, required a different strategy, thought process. Unfortunately for Schiff and Nadler, they stuck with the same ol’ radical script, let’s scare the Republicans into submission.

What Schiff and Nadler conveyed to the entire Country, of people with functioning intellect, was that they had no case. They had no real evidence of a crime. They knew they did not, and would not, reach the high threshold of proving “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. Schiff and Nadler, as dispatched by Speaker Pelosi on this suicide mission, truly believed that they could browbeat US Senators into surrender.

They were wrong…they tried to tug on Senator’s cape.

Nadler began by trying to lecture US Senators about their duties. He attempted to call them out for participating in a “cover up” as his tactic de jour. It was apparent, and could even be sensed through our televisions, that Nadler had just steeled the nerve and stiffened the spine of the very folks he felt he could intimidate and scare. He didn’t make a case at all, he came off as a short, obese bully who wanted to take away your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

As well, Nadler’s absurd assertion that President Trump is a dictator only serves to make him seem unhinged, totally deranged. At my last understanding of history, dictators always eliminate their political opposition…normally in the most drastic ways. I have never known of a dictator that allows his political opposition to seek him removal from office…let alone allow them to exist.

As for Adam Schiff, the most glaring example of pure hyperbole and conjecture came with his mentioning his reading of a story, from CBS, that President Trump had threatened GOP Senators. And Schiff went total medieval in his statement, which he did state he did not know if it were true. Schiff, a House Democrat committee chairman, and impeachment manager acclaimed that President Trump would behead Senators and place their severed craniums upon spikes…oh boy, why not just call the President, “Vlad the Impaler.”

This is the type of reckless, emotional, and over the top rhetoric we have come to expect from the progressive socialist left. And this is supposed to be a solemn process, procedure? No, this is just another episode of Panem et Circenses, or “Bread and Circuses,” the phrase attributed to Roman poet Juvenal, which addresses the means of superficial accommodation and appeasement of the masses.

This is exactly what this entire impeachment inquisition is, just a partisan, political hack job on a duly elected President by the real tyrants, dictators, who do seek to eliminate their political opposition.

They are the progressive socialist left. They have now hijacked the very document, our rule of law, the US Constitution to enable them to execute a political coup d’etat, a political assassination. These are the very same people who declare the Constitution is no longer relevant. It was written by some old white men, slave owners. But these are the same people who will use anything as a means to their ends, ideological domination.

This impeachment scam on the American people will soon end. The simple majority vote for additional witnesses will not pass and we may even see Democrat Senators like Joe Manchin and Doug Jones do as two House Democrats did, go against this misguided endeavor. I believe that privately, Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, gave a call to Nancy Pelosi and asked her what were Schiff and Nadler thinking?

Then again, Schumer is a willing passenger in this clown car. My advice to these leftists — stop having conversations within your own little bubble of manic delusion, listen to Jim Croce. And oh yea, stop tugging on the cape of the real super men and women in America…Constitutional Conservative Patriots.

This column was originally published at CNSNews.

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