This is the season to be jolly, thankful, and giving.  And it seems many of our public servants appear to think they were by going all out in a passing multi-trillion-dollar omnibus budget that forgoes the key reason for our government as noted in the preamble to our Constitution – “to provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”
Yet many of those who passed this monstrosity are also on their way out of office.  Instead of jolly, thankful, and giving – they have left us another big lump of coal by adding close to another $2 trillion debt on top of the $31 trillion they have racked up mostly in the last 14 years. The security, education, economy, and justice in our country are declining rapidly. It is like being in a traffic accident in slow motion and knowing the crash is coming but feeling helpless to change the outcome.  So, is there anything we can do? And who in fact do we blame?Let me begin with the blame.  We can only blame “we the people,” us, we – for allowing this unbridled abuse and misuse of constitutional authority.  Harsh at that is, it is reality.  As “we the people” continue to fail to hold them, or ourselves accountable.  Sure, it is easy to blame the politicians, and I am game.  But who voted for these miscreants from the island of misfit toys?  Ah yes, that would be us. Sorry to add another lump of coal to your stockings, but it is time we get real.  No better time than the start of a new year – with a new set of resolutions.


As for answering the question – is there anything we can do? The answer is yes! We must begin immediately, ensure our efforts are sustained, coordinated, and expanded.

We must resolve to do the following:

  • Lead our republic to the future we desire by “Ensuring the resilience of our Republic, Constitution, and Freedoms.
    • We can no longer allow our adversaries to define our future and solely react to their efforts. We must be proactive, engage, and drive them to react to us.
  • Lead efforts to ensure our resilience and security by “Driving a proactive and positive legislative agenda”
    • A bunch of congressional investigations is likely near useless, like in the past. We must drive specific legislative policy solutions to ensure the resilience and security of our republic and hold our public servants accountable to pass them
  • Lead efforts to direct and hold our public servants accountable to drastically cut and restructure our bureaucracies for truly limited government by “Overhauling our national security apparatus.”
    • Our national security elements are now weaponized by a few miscreant leaders who have destroyed the credibility of institutions like the CIA, ODNI, DOJ, FBI, and other executive branch elements. They have sullied the reputation of these institutions and turned them into political weapons. Nothing less than a complete overhaul and restructuring of these institutions is required to make them effective and apolitical.

The Power of the People: How will we lead?  We will do so by exercising the power of the people by providing you with awareness of the issues, informing you how to support or engage, and enabling you to act! The power we hold as citizens of this great nation is bestowed on us by God, enshrined in our Constitution, and which we the people – not our public servants – hold.  If we fail to use the power of the people, we cede victory to our adversaries and those who wish to subjugate and transform America from freedom to a dystopian tyrannical society.

Public Servants – not kings and queens: We can no longer allow our public servants to view us – the people – as their servants. They are given their power and authority via the people.  They are not kings or queens, they are “servants” of the people.  And we need to remind them of this. This article speaks to the current reality and lays the groundwork for a broader plan to Restore America!  The plan has three major objectives as noted in bold letters above.  The Citizens Commission for Restoring America will release the plan in the next few weeks.  It is a plan to proactively rectify the ills we see by providing awareness, specific actions, and directives for you – the people – to exercise your mind, body, and power, to restore America. To set the stage for the plan – we must Stop Reacting and Lead; Stop the Indoctrination and Grooming of Sheep; and Exercise the Power of the People.

Stop Reacting – Lead:
You are Collateral Damage – For the last six decades, we have watched the slow destruction of America from within by a small minority of dystopian individuals. And over the last six years, their efforts have accelerated.  We see their work in the decline of religion, family, inclusion, truth, individual accountability, respect for others, respect and understanding of history, and in recruitment numbers in our military and those willing to serve in elected office. We have seen their work result in the decline of trust for America as a world leader, our congress, a once-free press, and our national security elements including the military. These are the results of the ongoing cognitive war occurring both domestically and globally. What is the goal of this minority set of dystopian people?  Power, absolute power. And less you forget to realize it – these misuses and abuses of authority only serve to highlight a key fact – this small minority views you, your family, and our Republic are viewed as necessary collateral damage in their quest for absolute power. Let me highlight a few numbers.
The Undeniable Slaughter – Over 1 million dead – let us not be politically correct here, one million plus murdered – from a deadly China Flu virus, let loose by a global adversary China.  Over 107,000 were murdered from fentanyl and other drugs coming across open borders, let loose by a fraudulent president without care or mention of either issue impacting America.  To put that in perspective, 107,000 is more than the number of US military who were killed in WWII. Let us not forget to mention the number killed each year, mostly in progressive-run inner cities, reaching the highest numbers in 25 years[1] as we see 23,000 (6.9 murders per 100,00, 333 million population) while the minority dystopian seek to defund and attack our peace officers.
Accelerating Public Poverty & Dependency – We are a debtor nation, that a small minority seeks through spending, taxes, and inflation to further erode our national security, economic prosperity, and independence. They seek a nation of dependents, not capitalists or entrepreneurs.

  • National Debt – We have seen our national debt sore to over $31 trillion, but upon close examination, the real sprint in debt began in 2009 as we moved from a prior high of 64% quickly to 68% and today 123% of debt to GDP ratio.[2]  
  • The current deal, said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, was as good as it’s going to get.” I’m pretty proud of the fact that with a Democratic president, Democratic House, and Democratic Senate, we were able to achieve through this … spending bill essentially all of our priorities”.
  • US citizens in poverty – To the above, we must ask, given all that spending, why do we still have over forty-two plus million Americans living in poverty[3] including a high of 16.9% of our children living in poverty?
  • The Unspoken Debt of Illegals – On top of this over five million illegals entered the country in the last two years, on top of the thirty million over the last 4 decades, with tens of millions more coming soon.  If we built five new cities in every one of our fifty states and stocked them with 20,000 people each – that is five million. The total of thirty-five million – we have added thirty-five such cities to each state. Who is paying for them? You are!  All of them will get healthcare, education, social services, food, etc. from an already over-stressed economy, schools, and welfare system.  I have written about this prior – and the costs run into the trillions of dollars. And now, our fraudulent president seeks to add to our debt further by opening our already overstressed welfare system[4].
  • Abridging our vote – via allowing unfettered entry by illegals is unconstitutional and an affront to all our rights. This article on replacement theory speaks to this effort. But the extremists are not only replacing conservative votes, but they are also replacing American votes.
  • Reparations – it is amazing to me that these divisive extremists are demanding reparations for Americans who have been free for more than a century. Yet we hear of no reparations for the families of Revolutionary soldiers who freed our country, the Union soldiers who fought no died to secure freedom of blacks, or those from WWI and WWII and every conflict we have had to ensure the freedoms of all Americans.  

These examples are but a few – all driven by a small, minority, radical group of extremists who are abusing and using our system and freedoms to drive their agenda. They concurrently drive false narratives intended to make us feel helpless.  It is time we take the lead and drive our offense. We do this by being proactive in our efforts and driving our vision via strategic messaging and actions. We will ensure the resilience of our Republic, Constitution, and Freedoms and do so by driving a proactive legislative agenda along with other actions.

Stop the Indoctrination & Grooming of Sheep
We are now all aware of the multiple efforts to indoctrinate and groom, not only our children but us.  The efforts are persistent and widespread.  Let us review just a few examples, of many, that appear every day in the news.
This article speaks to intimidation to abuse students, it is time to call out such actions and report such extremists. In this case, it shows the concern and fright of students wondering how they can combat the extremists in our education system to be treated fairly.
In this article, we find indoctrination in our schools and other forums using once-sacred or cherished icons.  The point is the extremists have no boundaries in what they will desecrate, destroy, or abuse to push their indoctrination and false narratives.
And then there are other purposeful levels of indoctrination by emission – like this example of denying success and creating a weak generation used to participation awards and safe rooms. These actions are done purposefully to better control, indoctrinate, and groom our children. Despite the blatant racism against Asians, whites, and others.  The story was quickly buried or dismissed in the fifth column we call the press – because it does not fit the narrative of the extremists.
We see the FBI’s outright dismissal of concerns over its direct role in censoring and manipulating US information related to the election.  They are accusing anyone who accuses them of “bias.”  Is not that ripe. Wonder if the FBI will start calling us “racists” or “white extremists?” Oops, sorry forgot, they have already done that. Jonathan Turley, in the article, captures this well when he stated “…it is not clear what is more chilling—the menacing role played by the FBI in Twitter’s censorship program, or its mendacious response to the disclosure of that role” before he called for reforms at the bureau.”
We must actively engage in reasserting our values, our history, and our treasured culture of independence, freedom, and opportunity – less we allow these miscreants to indoctrinate and groom our children and us as their sheep. We must be the shepherds that lead the flocks, not the sheep to be sheared or slaughtered. We must exercise the power of the people.

Exercise the Power of the People
America has become obese in debt and size. Just look at the people. Our citizens have forgotten that discipline is not something that just happens. Many have forgotten that personal accountability is required. The reason for the demise of our republic is exemplified not only by the size of our government but by the size of our people.  We have seen our national debt and citizenry move from the slimmer sizes of the 1700s through the 1980s to the plus and obese sizes of today in both sizes of debt and self.  This just does not happen. It is not an accident.  One must be fully and actively participating!
The extremists tell us to believe all that ails us is someone else’s fault or something – but not our fault. As this article highlights, some are now calling exercise “racist.” One cannot make this stuff up. But less you think this is absurd, you only need to remember how the same extremist have gotten a large segment of Americans to believe that men can be women, and women can be men, that you must use certain pronouns, or you are condemned, censored, or hounded to comply.
How did we get here?  I contend it is because we have grown weak and accustomed to finding excuses by blaming something or someone for our situation.  The answer is before us, if only we look in the mirror, no matter how unpleasant that may be.  This includes allowing a minority set of dystopian people to threaten our education, fiscal, national, and personal security, and freedoms.  We have allowed ourselves to become “victims” as we have become the compliant, the complacent sheep being led to our own slaughter by the complicit and corrupt few.[5]
It is time to stop playing victim. To assess ourselves frankly and realize we have let the control of our republic slowly be overtaken by those who wish to destroy or change it – for their purposes of power and control. We must first realize that we are in an actual war – it is a domestic cognitive war[6], occurring in the most critical of all domains – the cognitive domain.[7]
It is time to lead by exercising the power of the people – your power as individuals. To exercise the power of ideas, the mind, the power of the pen – and engage our public servants to serve us!  It occurs via cutting budget and implementing the right policies to reduce the bureaucracy. It occurs by engaging our governors and elected leaders to act for limited government, telling congress to get back to regular order and pass appropriations.  It is time for us to stop reacting to the extremists – and not just call them out but hold them accountable based on the law and abrogation of our civil liberties and constitutional rights.
Recently some push back regarding a drag queen show that took place in Tennessee.  But we must ask, why are people “considering” setting limits? The laws already exist. If these groomer pedophiles bring or allow one child into their drag queen show arrest the owner of the facility, the producers, the queens, and the parents who brought their kids – it is time to stop coddling perverts and just arrest them. Child endangerment, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, etc. It is time to start arresting them and removing children from parents who expose them to such disgust.
We can look at our DOD, which denied religious rights and abused the civil liberties of our military members without consequence.  Those in leadership positions abrogated their oath to uphold the Constitution and actively impeded or denied the civil liberty and religious rights of troops – many of whom were expelled for not taking a China Flu shot. Real science that showed no benefit and actual harm – accountability is demanded. Where are the conservative or civil rights lawyers? There should be multiple lawsuits against individuals for abusing the military service men and women’s rights.  There are thousands of such cases and the military cannot hide behind their service duty as their actions are unconstitutional. Accountability is required.
There are numerous such examples of abuse of our rights and freedoms.  But there are ever-increasing examples of people, like you and me, fighting back.  Here is an example of how people are fighting back against the impact of woke destructive policies.  In this case, the business owners are demanding tax refunds for the failure of the system to protect their businesses. It is a start, and an example of speaking up, acting, and not lying down or allowing to be subjugated by the minority extremists. But that’s not enough, lawsuits need to be filed against individual public servants for abrogating your civil and constitutional rights.
We must exercise the power of the people. We must identify and advance the right local community leaders who put the interests of America and our people first. Others have begun to realize this; we must now begin to act in unison.\
Each example speaks to the power of the people but highlights a critical component to success – you must participate, act, speak up! In this case, individuals are forming their own groups to ensure free speech.  The point is – get involved! Shut down this minority set of progressive dystopian extremists – by getting in their face peacefully and start pushing back vocally, legally, etc.

What Next – The Plan!
We have more Christmas’s to celebrate in America. But to do so, and stop our republic’s decline, we must act together.  So, in a brief time the Citizens Commission to Restore America will release a plan. The mission of Citizens Commission to Restore America is: To safeguard the American Dream, Constitution, and Freedoms for future generations of Americans by ensuring the resilience and security of our Republic.
Following this release, you will see several directives that contain specific actions for our public servants, governors, community leaders, and you – the people – to reinforce, support, share with your community and elected leaders that can enable us to achieve the objectives outlined in the plan.  Concurrently, you will see the efforts of the Citizens Commission to Restore American amplified across various media outlets, forums, and formats.  We will look to you – the people – to further amplify the messages, actions, and intent of the plan.  By doing so “we the people” will move from a silent majority to a roaring giant. We will restore America and ensure it remains resilient and secure!
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This article was originally published at StandUpAmericaUS

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