Okay, this will not take long, but it all came to me during my morning run over the weekend. We all remember how abjectly nuts the progressive socialist left went over the topic of this missive. President Trump said he was considering relocating all of these illegal immigrants — dang it, sorry, I meant to say “newcomers,” “asylum seekers,” and “migrants” — to sanctuary cities and sent the left over the moon. One would ask — and President Trump did — why not just have all these illegal immigrants concentrated in the designated sanctuary states and cities? The reason is so obvious.

The grand strategy and plan of the Democrat (socialist) Party is to undermine and destabilize red states, with a mass influx of illegal immigrants. Namely, their focus is on Texas. Texas is the holy grail for the left, and they want it. This is why we see a heavy concentration of these “caravans” coming into Texas crossing sites, infiltration zones.

The left thoroughly understands what the end game is with these asylum laws that they are not seeking to alter. This is why a progressive socialist activist judge in the Ninth Circuit Court ruled, blocked, President Trump’s plan to have these illegal immigrants remain in Mexico awaiting their asylum hearing. Nope, that is not what the left wants, that would seriously hinder their grand design. They know these illegal immigrants are being released into the local communities, and they do not return for their hearing. This is what the left wants, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants released into Texas, not their designated sanctuary states and cities where they are already in control.

Combine that with the fact that the Democrat (socialist) House of Representatives voted to grant “newcomers” the right to vote in local elections . . . meaning all elections. Again, they want Texas and will do anything to acquire it.

Wouldn’t it be a monumental story if it were uncovered that the Democrat (socialist) Party is colluding with the Mexican trans-national criminal organizations to enable this constant flooding of illegal immigrants into America? Nope, this is not a conspiracy theory, because it is plausible. We already know that the left is deploying lawyers and others to teach, coach, and mentor these illegal immigrants on what to say when they are apprehended. The question is who is supplying the financial resources for this well-conceived operation? Let’s not forget that it was the Obama administration along with his henchman, Eric Holder, who conceived the Operation Fast and Furious scheme to flood weapons into Mexico so that they could flood back into the United States with the intended purpose of undermining the firearms industry in America, and destroying our Second Amendment right. Someone may have defined that as a conspiracy theory, well, just talk to the family of slain US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. To this day, no one in the Obama administration has been held accountable for his death.

If I were the Head of Homeland Security, we would begin Operation Round-Up. Yes, we would start going out and rounding up every illegal immigrant that has missed their “asylum” hearing. Yes, there would be a steady flow of aircraft out of America returning folks to their country of origin. And, I would begin in Texas.

The Democrat (socialist) Party wants to fundamentally transform America, and they will go to every length, by any means necessary, willing to work with anyone, to achieve that goal. There is a reason why the left does not want a question about citizenship on the census. They do not want representation based upon being an American citizen. They want representation in America based upon pure numbers because they seek the tyranny of a pure Democracy.

Combine all of this with their National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and it all just falls into place.

Pay attention America, this is a crisis, but the Democrat (socialist) Party doesn’t want you to believe it is. Ya know, it’s a “manufactured crisis.” Nah, this is a deliberate plan, and we have a little over a year to shut this thing down!

You have been warned.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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