Follow up: COVID-19 is caused by a modified respiratory coronavirus, not by isolated synthesized snake peptides or proteins being administered to people.

At the 33:16 mark of the April 11, 2022 video interview, entitled “Watch the Water,” former chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis says:

“I am convinced that COVID-19 is not a respiratory virus of any kind. It is actually venom poisoning. And they are using, I believe, synthesized peptides and proteins from venomous snakes and they are administering them and targeting them to certain people.”

Full stop.

Ardis clearly states that COVID-19 is not a virus, but snake venom or components of snake venom that are being administered to people.

The scientific method dictates that the burden of proof is on Ardis or anyone who supports that hypothesis to provide evidence for how a snake venom or components thereof are “administered” to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Without first proving that, there is nothing else to discuss about the Ardis theory, no matter how much other information is provided.

He won’t because he can’t prove something that is epidemiologically impossible.

It is a common mistake made by those not experienced in the scientific method to confuse the volume of information with the significance of that information. Part of that illogical approach is taking two or more facts that may be true in themselves and relating them where no relationship exists. That is, seeing patterns in random data. Thus, drawing false conclusions.

Wild claims like “COVID-19 is not a respiratory virus of any kind,” which garner undue attention in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, actually hurt the efforts by many to discover the truth behind the pandemic.

If, on the other hand, one says, like I have in a December 3, 2021 Gateway Pundit article, that the COVID-19 virus was created in a laboratory with structural motifs that are not naturally-occurring and some may be similar to toxins found in other organisms, like Staphylococcal enterotoxin B or snake peptides, and those inserted structures may produce effects in humans, then that is a completely different argument.

Unlike others expounding on the topic, I studied the effect of toxic snake peptides and published scientific articles about their actions.

Simon P. Aiken, Lawrence C. Sellin, James J. Schmidt, Scott A. Weinstein, Joseph J. McArdle. A Novel Peptide Toxin from Trimeresurus wagleri Acts Pre- and Post-Synaptically to Block Transmission at the Rat Neuromuscular Junction.

L.C.Sellin, K.Mattila, A.Annila, J.J.Schmidt, J.J.McArdle, M.Hyvönen, T.T.Rantala T.Kivistö. Conformational analysis of a toxic peptide from Trimeresurus wagleri which blocks the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

The bottom line, for which I have published extensive scientific evidence going back to February 6, 2020, is that COVID-19 is caused by a laboratory-manipulated respiratory coronavirus that spreads primarily as an aerosol and may produce additional effects via artificially-inserted structures.

This column was originally published at the Gateway Pundit

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