COVID-19 and Vaccines could be the most significant fraud perpetrated on the world and the greatest transfer of wealth to the global elites and organizations like Pfizer. Do not fall into the Trap!

Inside information exposes that TSA and US Border Patrol will be moving back to 2020-era COVID-19 mandates and restrictions from mid-September through mid-October, including mask mandates on all flights.  This is in addition to the confirmed mask-mandate reinstatement at  Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA, and Lionsgate Studios in Santa Monica, CA. Also, a school district in South Texas just outside San Antonio closed down temporarily due to an ‘uptick’ in COVID cases.

That same week, WarRoom’s Natalie Winters uncovered millions of dollars in funding, awarded primarily to the Department of Veterans Affairs and DoD, to ramp up testing and other COVID-19 related.

This was just a week after the NIH appointed Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, a staunch advocate for masks, lockdowns, and vaccine mandates, as the replacement for Dr. Fauci.

To further the suggestion that another lockdown scare is in the forecast, on Tuesday, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced funding of $1.4 billion to “support the development of a new generation of tools and technologies to protect against COVID-19 for years to come” according to a press release.

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“Project NextGen is a key part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to keeping people safe from COVID-19 variants,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “These awards are a catalyst for the program – kickstarting efforts to more quickly develop vaccines and continue to ensure availability of effective treatments.”

Project NextGen, a $5 billion initiative led by ASPR’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) in partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), coordinates across the federal government and the private sector to advance innovative vaccines and therapeutics into clinical trials, regulatory review, and potential commercial availability for the American people. The project builds on a better understanding of COVID-19 – with HHS developing, using, and constantly re-evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current vaccines and therapeutics for over three years.

Recipients of the awards include:

  • $1 billion to four BARDA Clinical Trial partners to support vaccine Phase IIb clinical trial studies: ICON Government and Public Health Solutions, Inc. of Hinckley, Ohio; Pharm-Olam, LLC, of Houston, Texas; Technical Resources Intl (TRI), Inc, of Bethesda, Maryland; and Rho Federal Systems, Inc., Durham, North Carolina.
  • $326 million to Regeneron to support the development of a next-generation monoclonal antibody for COVID-19 prevention.
  • $100 million to Global Health Investment Corp. (GHIC), the non-profit organization managing the BARDA Ventures investment portfolio, to expand investments in new technologies that will accelerate responses in the future.
  • $10 million to Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABS) for competition through Blue Knight, a BARDA-JLABS partnership.

The press release claims that their partnership with Regeneron will help develop a “novel monoclonal antibody that will protect people who do not respond to or cannot take existing vaccines,” despite their attempts to limit the distribution in Florida in 2021.

On Friday, Joe Biden announced that he plans to request more funding from Congress to develop a new COVID vaccine “that works.” “I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works,” Biden told the reporters while vacationing in Lake Tahoe.

Biden warned that everyone will get it despite their previous vaccination status. “It will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not,” he added.[1]

 CDC and FDA officials said that COVID-19 vaccines that have been tweaked to teach the body how to fend off the current crop of circulating variants are now expected to land in drugstores and clinics in mid-September. The officials spoke Thursday about the US government’s preparations for the fall and winter respiratory virus season on the condition that they not be named.

HHS awards $1.4 billion to drive the development of new COVID-19 vaccines and therapies. The US Food and Drug Administration will nod to the updated vaccines in a few weeks. Then, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a group of independent experts that advises the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on its vaccination decisions, will weigh the safety and effectiveness of the new shots and make recommendations for their use. The vaccines can be administered after the CDC director signs off on those recommendations.

Officials said ACIP will meet quickly after the FDA decision to expedite the regulatory steps and get the vaccines to market. The advisory group is scheduled to discuss COVID-19 vaccines on September 12, meaning the vaccines could become available soon after.

The announcement comes amid a late summer uptick in Covid-19. The CDC tracks the disease through hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and wastewater monitoring and testing of travelers at some airports. More than 12,600 Americans are hospitalized with COVID-19, rising 22% in the most recent week.

Still, the officials said, those are levels about one-third of where they were a year ago, largely thanks to immunity from vaccinations and prior infections.

But antibodies against Covid-19 wane over time, and many Americans are due for a tune-up. Are you kidding A TUNE UP! Only about 17% of those eligible got the bivalent vaccines last fall, the last time the immunizations were updated. Three vaccines are expected to be available this year. Two are mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, and a third protein subunit vaccine from Novavax. The Novavax vaccine uses an older type of technology that contains the spike protein of the virus that causes COVID-19, plus an ingredient that revs up the immune system to crank out antibodies against it.


Some experts say it may be time to break out the masks against COVID-19!

Say no to any masking demands.

The officials said both vaccine technologies are well-understood and safe and have been proven in the real world and clinical studies to reduce the risk of hospitalization and deaths from COVID-19.

The FDA plans to grant full licensure for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for people 12 and older. The officials said that vaccines for children 11 and under, as well as the Novavax vaccine, will be available under an emergency use authorization.

The vaccines have been updated to teach the body to fight the XBB.1.5 coronavirus subvariant. They are also expected to retain potency against closely related strains. All three vaccine manufacturers say testing shows that their vaccines are effective against EG.5, the currently dominant strain in the US.

While vaccines were previously provided for free by the government, this is the first time vaccines will be provided through the commercial market. Under the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans must cover the full cost of vaccines without co-pays.

People who don’t have insurance or who don’t have enough insurance can still get vaccines for free through a government bridge program.

“That bridge program will exist through a few channels,” CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen said in an interview with CNN last week. “Folks can go to a federally qualified health center, or they can go to their public health department. … And then the third option is to work with pharmacy partners such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and others to have it available in the pharmacies as well.”[2]

Beware of the Hoax!

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