Clare Lopez: Lopez Liberty, Putin Moves on Ukraine, New Paradigms w/Sargis Sangari EP #81

On Monday, 10 JAN 22, on New Paradigms with Sargis Sangari, Episode #81, Ms. #ClareLopez, the Founder/President of #LopezLiberty LLC & former #CIA Clandestine Operations Officer, and senior advisory board member of Near East Center for Strategic Engagement, (#NECSE) returns in an information-packed episode to do a deep dive into #Putin moves on #Ukraine to re-establishing a #Russian sphere of influence. Clare focuses on the questions that look at the link analysis of how Russia began moving troops near Ukraine after the #Biden administration removed the #sanctions off of the #NordStream2 pipeline.

We also discussed #Germany closing down three of their remaining six #nuclearpower plants, becoming more dependent on oil and gas flow from Russia. Clare and I discussed #AndreiIlarionov, noting the U.S. media fanning the flames of war drums in Ukraine. So who benefits from this?

The questions to be looked at still are which politicians/special interest groups in the U.S. and E.U. are part of the media/think tanks pushing this? Next, which politicians/special interest groups in the U.S. and E.U are part of the energy sector in Ukraine?And finally, which politicians/special interest groups are profiting from this pipeline?

Clare and I also discuss the incursions of China Populus into Russia East and the list of demands Putin sent the Biden regime to favor Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organizations (#SCO), led by #China with the need for the U.S. to become an isolationist power again? Is there coordination between #XiJinping and Putin and potentially their extended allies?

Clare and I also discussed the #Kazakhstan government crackdown and its strategic interest for Russia and China from a geopolitical perspective.

This story and interview were originally published at the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement



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