Clare Lopez, a member of the Citizens Commission on National Security, was interviewed by Andrew Harrod of Conservative Casual Friday on Blog Talk Radio.

They discussed Afghanistan: what happened, why it happened, what we need to focus on in coming weeks & months.

Twenty years after 9/11, Afghanistan remains a source of conflict, controversy, and concern.  After the withdrawal of America and its allies, the Taliban has regained control of the country from which Al Qaeda launched its jihadist attacks leading up to the destruction of the World Trade Center and devastation of the Pentagon.  Former career career CIA field officer and jihad expert Clare Lopez, who now heads Lopez Liberty LLC, will join show host Andrew E. Harrod to analyze these dangers.  Among other matters to be discussed, will Afghanistan be once again a base for jihadist groups?  Did President Joe Biden make the correct decision in withdrawing from Afghanistan?  How should American policymakers respond in the future?

To listen to the interview, click here



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