Folks, it is a good thing I do not live in New York City. It appears that if you refer to someone who emigrates to the United States illegally, as an “illegal immigrant,” you will be punished.

Yes, this is just how absurd it is getting with the progressive socialist left. What next, we refer to drug dealers as “unlicensed pharmacists?” The delusional people who all came together to claim that there was a “manufactured crisis” at our border are now telling us we cannot refer to the very people who created the crisis at our border by what they have done. Doggone, the progressive socialist left is telling us that it isn’t even a crime to illegally cross our border.

Now, think about it, truthfully, these are the people we want to have power in our country? Do we really want this clear and present danger in the tyranny they represent? This whole impeachment foolishness the left is embarking upon is nothing more than a punitive expedition for beating them at the ballot box. The message is simple, submit, or face the collective derangement of the left and their incessant, personal terror.

Yet, through all of this insanity, we do indeed have a problem with illegal immigration in America. I guess the day will soon come where our saying “illegal immigration” will result in being kicked off social media platforms. We already have a Virginia police officer being punished for cooperating with ICE.

I will continue to share with y’all the stories about the problem with illegal immigration in America. And, realize that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has suggested we pay welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. We already know that the leftist presidential candidates have promised free healthcare to illegal immigrants. But, what is the real truth?

As reported by Fox17 out of Nashville, Tennessee:

“An illegal alien who was captured in Madison, Tenn. has been previously deported from the U.S. seven times. Jose Lopez-Ruiz, 39, of Guatemala pleaded guilty Monday to re-entering the U.S. after being been previously deported. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents encountered Lopez-Ruiz in May in Madison while detaining another person. But Lopez-Ruiz eluded officers and fled on foot.

About two months later, ICE found Lopez-Ruiz again in Madison. Agents told officials he resisted at first, but was taken into custody. Lopez-Ruiz had been physically previously deported from the U.S. seven times from 2000 to 2018. During his time in the states, Lopez-Ruiz was convicted of five DUIs and has another DUI pending. He faces up to two years in prison. Sentencing is slated for Jan. 24, 2020.”

This is what unnerves me about this story: we have people who lack any respect for our rule of law and national sovereignty at all. And, sadly, they are encouraged by these progressive socialists who openly admit they want open borders. Guess what? How many of these criminal illegal immigrants will be allowed to traipse our Country and break our laws? And imagine this, there are places where individuals such as Lopez-Ruiz can find sanctuary. And not too far away from Nashville, a young American man lost his life to a drunken illegal immigrant who was driving on our roads.

What is infuriating is that this person is only facing two years of imprisonment. I believe that anyone caught illegally in the United States who has been previously deported should face life imprisonment. I am talking about a specific federal government facility that does not have all the “nice” amenities: no TV and just three MREs and water. There has to be a deterrent for the disrespect of our laws, and these are individuals who are not US citizens. So, ask yourselves: if someone is in America illegally, and has previous deportations, why should they enjoy our Constitutional rights? Again, they are not American citizens, and they are not in our country legally.

What is obvious is that with the progressive socialist left in power, illegal immigrants will be allowed to thrive…at the expense of law-abiding, honest American taxpayers. Funny, the left always talks about things being fair, is that fair?

This is a real easy policy issue. Either you believe that the United States of America is a sovereign Constitutional Republic, with a rule of law for all to abide by, or else you do not. Quite perplexing is that progressive socialists do not believe this, so why do they want to be president of something they do not believe should exist?

These are the same progressive socialists who want to disarm law-abiding, legal American gun owners while they embrace open borders and free welfare benefits for illegal immigrants. And, they want to punish you with a “hate crime” for just saying the words “illegal immigrant.”

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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