The news comes barreling so fast these days that huge stories are overtaken by even bigger ones, and that’s just this week. The news was already epic prior to Thursday’s bombshells, an apparent near unanimous rejection by the U.S. Supreme Court of Colorado’s attempt to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in that state based on the 14th Amendment and the release of a damning report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified material over decades, almost overshadowed by the special counsel’s case that Biden wasn’t mentally fit to stand trial, even if such charges could be brought against a sitting president.

Andy McCarthy suggests that Biden would be wise to pardon Trump for the 32 charges in the Mar-a-Lago case related to willfully retaining classified documents, since Special Counsel Hur found that Biden had done the same. McCarthy suggests letting stand the eight related charges against Trump for obstruction, which Biden and the report claim Biden did not do, whether true or not. Trump, as a former president with the authority to classify or declassify material, has a definite case that he was entitled to have those classified documents, while Biden has none. Blaming it on the people who moved his documents around doesn’t explain how they got from a SCIF into the various locations in which they turned up.

As the week began, we learned that the Biden/Schumer/Lankford/McConnell bill to put a fig leaf over the continued sweeping invasion of this country was stopped by Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, who called it “dead on arrival” if it made it to the House. At about the same time, the vote in the House to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas fell one vote short, and this was portrayed as a major defeat for Speaker Johnson.

And then the plan became clear. Joe Biden had thrown his DHS secretary under the bus by proclaiming recently that the border is not secure. “No, it’s not,” Biden said last month to a group of mayors at the White House when asked by a reporter if the border was secure. “I haven’t believed that for the last 10 years, and I’ve said it for the last 10 years. Give me the money.”

In the meantime, the nearly impeached and probably soon to be impeached DHS secretary has said on the record and under oath dozens of times over the past couple of years that the border is in fact closed and secure. Try squaring that!

But it turned out the so-called border bill couldn’t even get out of the Senate, with its need for 60 votes, once the handwriting was on the wall. However, there was no equivalent media wailing about Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s failure to get the bill passed in the Senate.

That is because they view this as a win-win for Biden and Schumer. It’s currently a win because they get to keep the flow of illegal migrants pouring in the country for whatever their goal is: millions more future Democrat voters; overwhelm the system a la Cloward-Piven; change the make-up of the U.S. population. And now they can blame Republicans, who if they had only gone along with this great plan, the best they could possibly hope for they were told, then the problems at the border could have been solved in a bipartisan manner, with the credit going to Biden and the Democrats.

And if they had gotten the House GOP to go along with the border bill, they would have had a co-conspirator to their betrayal of the laws of the land and to the American people for allowing the massive amount of crime, including sex trafficking and drug trafficking, and the destruction of America’s greatest cities that have been the results of Biden’s Planned Invasion of America.

Never mind that then-President Trump had already largely shut down the border before he left office with “remain in Mexico,” great progress on a serious border wall, and tough scrutiny of asylum claims, all undone by Joe Biden as his first priority as president.

The next move was onto funding for Israel and Ukraine. Again, same playbook. Biden and the West have slow-played giving Ukraine the aid and weapons Ukraine has wanted and asked for, for nearly two years, presumably because they didn’t want to “provoke the bear.” But now the GOP in the House, with their slim majority, are getting blamed for the possible defeat of Ukraine because they have held back any additional aid to Ukraine as leverage unless they get actual border security from the Biden administration rather than a bill that does little to stop the flow. To the extent that it could actually stop the flow of illegal migration, it would depend on the discretion of Mayorkas and Biden, both of whom are completely untrustworthy to follow through on the actions necessary to close the border.

The Biden betrayal and undermining of Israel, which is also tied up in this effort to blame the GOP for foot-dragging while helping to give the Biden presidential campaign a rationale for existing, is the story for another day, but CCNS member Pete Hoekstra has a great column up on our site titled “Israel’s Long War for the West” that deals with that topic.

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