As the election window continues to shrink, Joe Biden and members of his administration continue to lie and attempt to shift blame for his disastrous policies, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much to the extent that polls can be trusted. Three recent examples exemplify this strategy.

One was on May 31, when Biden delivered some comments on the verdict that found former President Donald Trump guilty of 34 felonies in a case, like all the others against Trump, that was orchestrated or influenced by the Biden administration. In this case it was by having the number three lawyer from the Justice Department, Matthew Colangelo, leave that position to go work under Alvin Bragg in the Manhattan D.A.’s office, and who served as the lead attorney in the prosecution. As I’ve previously noted, this is a familiar pattern of documented links between the Trump prosecutions and White House or Justice Department involvement, though that has been frequently denied by both Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Biden.

But it was the second half of Biden’s comments last week that provided the second example and exposed him and his handlers for an outrageous act toward America’s essential ally in the Middle East, Israel. He said that “Israel has offered a comprehensive new proposal” regarding the war against Hamas in Gaza. But he completely mischaracterized what Israel had agreed to do. Biden had waited until after sundown on Friday, the start of the Jewish sabbath, before making his false claim, so that there would be no immediate pushback.

Netanyahu said that Biden had left out some parts of the proposal and that his three top war aims must be achieved before Israel will end the war. It is a war which Hamas started on October 7 with its brutal terrorist attack on Israeli and other citizens, 1,200 of whom were murdered that day, plus about 240 who were taken hostage. Many of both were raped, burned and otherwise tortured.

“The claim that we agreed to a ceasefire without our conditions being met is incorrect,” the prime minister reportedly told lawmakers.

Netanyahu said on Monday in a Knesset meeting that its three war aims include “destroying Hamas’s military and civil governance capabilities, securing the release of all hostages, and ensuring that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel,” according to The Times of Israel. For a more detailed explanation of this deceitful act by Joe Biden, listen to Caroline Glick’s analysis of the situation.

The next day, Time magazine published an interview with Biden that had been conducted the week before. Biden was asked if Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his own political reasons. He replied, “There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion.” He later attempted to distance himself from that remark.

This is a continuation of Biden’s effort to have it both ways regarding this conflict. He claims complete support for Israel’s effort to defeat Hamas, while trying to show that he’s with Hamas and the Palestinians by criticizing Israel for having gone “over the top,” including a pause of certain weapons promised to Israel.

While Biden’s description of Israel’s proposal was apparently acceptable to Hamas, since it called for a permanent ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza without having completed the destruction of Hamas’ leadership and military capability, they ended up rejecting the ceasefire proposal when they got the actual version of what Israel was proposing.

Netanyahu has accepted an invitation from the Republican House majority to make a speech to a joint session of Congress on July 24. If it’s anything like his last one, buckle up. The last one was when Barack Obama was president, and Netanyahu was trying to convince Congress to somehow block Obama’s deal with Iran. This one lands about a week after the Republican National Convention takes place in Milwaukee, where Donald Trump will be nominated to run again against Biden.

The third Big Lie of Biden’s this week was his Executive Order, which is his latest effort to somehow make Republicans share the responsibility for the crisis at our southern border. He points to the so-called bipartisan bill that passed in the Senate but was rejected by the House. That bill, like Biden’s Executive Order signed this week, would do nothing to stop or slow the flow of illegal migrants into this country, it would instead codify the flow and make the GOP complicit in his disastrous open border policy. He would then no longer have to take all the blame for the deaths, crime, drugs, overcrowding and sex trafficking that is happening as a direct result of his policies, which is costing American taxpayers about $450 billion a year, according to a House report.

One has to wonder, do the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC really not see this?

Who is the real threat to democracy?

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