If you have been paying attention to the news cycle, the title of this missive makes sense. If you have been buying into the progressive socialist left’s “manufactured crisis” talking point when it comes to our southern border, well, you have no clue.

President Donald Trump has asserted that he is considering closing down our border crossing points and ports of entry along the southern border. As well, he has hinted that he is willing to cut off foreign aid to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. I fully admit, he has every reason to take these measures. Now, of course, he is seeking to keep truck lanes open for commerce transit. However, it is imperative that we get what a border patrol official termed a “system-wide collapse” under control.

I concur.

However, what is the first aspect of this systemic collapse that needs to be tackled? It is not building a wall, but rather the definition of asylum. Asylum is defined as “the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee.” The normal practice is that a person seeks asylum at the first border port of entry they encounter. Instead, asylum has come to mean that America is an open job fair for anyone, as I stated yesterday on The Evening Edit.

Asylum has come to mean progressive socialist lawyers are going into the northern triangle Central America countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and coaching people, providing resources, and assisting them in Mexico, on what to say in order to falsely claim asylum. It has become such a joke that the ol’ Irish kid, Bob O’Rourke is leaping tall tables in a single bound to shout a hearty welcome to asylum seekers liars looking to illegally enter our Constitutional Republic.

What has to be frustrating for President Trump is the abject dismissal and disregard by our very own elected representatives to reassert what asylum means. In other words, “legislators” not doing the job of legislating, and upholding their oath to our Constitution. In essence, we have what I term treasonous behavior by our elected officials who refuse to deter this system-wide collapse and fix our laws. They are playing politics and encouraging this unlawful behavior and targeting our law enforcement agencies and creating “sanctuaries” for those coming here illegally . . . and giving them our taxpayer-funded benefits.

Now, we hear so many pundits talking about the economic effects of shutting down our southern border. I am tired of hearing about Mexico being the largest producer of avocados. Just for the record, I do not eat avocados, yes, no guacamole for me, nor avocado toast, blah! Ask yourselves: what is more important, getting avocados and beer from Mexico, or having safe and secure streets and preventing a system-wide collapse of our immigration process?

Just as a side note, if avocados are so doggone important, why did Washington, DC — under one Barack Obama — drag its feet on signing legislation to get water to California’s central valley over a tiny fish called the “Delta smelt,” in a move widely believed to be a bargaining chip in an election cycle, considering how long the issue has been in existence? California produces the most avocados outside of Mexico and Brazil.

If we are so doggone shallow that we are more worried about economic indicators than the sovereignty of our nation, then we shall not for long be these United States of America. This is what people have come to expect of us, our comforts are more important than our country. What happened to the America that would tough it out? What happened to the rugged individualism that made our country the envy of the world? Are you serious, we would be willing to sacrifice our rule of law for some freaking avocados?

Give me a break, why are we worried about the flow of commerce? Heck, get some military logisticians, and they will figure out how to keep supply lines flowing using other modes of transportation. This is not about sealing off America, our front door is always open. Nope, we are shutting the back door where people are disrespecting our America and coming in uninvited, and then wanting everything given to them.

America is not the world’s police officer, and neither shall we be the welfare-nanny state for the world. If you want to be part of the American experience, the American dream, come, and we will welcome you . . . but come asking yourself not what America can do for you, but what can you do for America.

Let’s properly define asylum. Let’s stop worrying about avocados and other produce. Let’s show concern for America, and its citizens. Do we not have any compassion for Americans who have lost their loved ones to people who had no business being here? Stop releasing people into our society! Heck, I don’t blame them for coming, we are suckers. With all kindness, we should gather these people, process them, acquire biometric data, transport them to a transition facility, provide medical care and sustenance . . .then fly them back to their country of origin.

That is not cruel, it is right, lawful, and utterly compassionate. Just think about it: what would you do to someone who climbed over your backyard fence and came into your house uninvited? Would you allow them to roam through your home, eat your foods, take up residence in your house, and demand you pay for it all? If you would, then instead of flying these illegal immigrants back home, we can drop them off at your house!

America is an ideal, but it does have geographic borders that must be respected . . . and its citizens must be protected against any threat. America needs elected officials who realize their duty is to our Constitution, to We the People . . . not an insidious ideological agenda that threatens and undermines our Republic.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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