Things are really heating up as we head towards the new year. There are mixed signals on a number of fronts. House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana is showing good signs and bad. He must end the long running pattern of having more continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills, and must instead start getting spending under control. He should also demand an end to Biden’s policy of open borders.

In addition, perhaps by withholding funding for the new FBI headquarters, Johnson should demand greater accountability, and do more to end the thoroughly politicized Department of Justice and FBI. To his credit, he has announced that there will be a vote next week to open an impeachment inquiry. It is long overdue, but that’s fine. With the GOP’s narrow majority, made even more narrow recently, will it pass? In light of the White House stonewalling on providing subpoenaed documents, it needs to pass, theoretically, at least, giving the House a stronger hand in seeking these documents. The evidence for impeaching Biden has been there for a long time, as I’ve previously argued.

President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have insisted upon linking aid to Israel, in its fight against the barbaric, genocidal Hamas, with aid to Ukraine. But for now, the new speaker has said that there will be no linkage of those unless there is a reversal of the Biden open borders policy, which they of course deny is happening. There should be no more funds to speed up the processing of new illegal border crossers and asylum seekers, but the border must be sealed and the policies changed, immediately. In the meantime, this administration has let in close to 10 million migrants, including at least 100,000 children who are unaccounted for. Talk about dividing families, this administration has been facilitating the Mexican cartels human and sex-trafficking, contrary to the lies of DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

Biden tries to have it both ways, both with Israel and Ukraine. He claims to be fully supportive of both, whatever it takes. In the case of Ukraine, until it forces Russia out of Ukraine, including Crimea, and in the case of Israel, until it wipes out Hamas. But in both cases, through a combination of diplomatic pressure and aid, he has withheld support and is reportedly pushing for Israel to stop its attacks in Gaza if there are civilian casualties, and failing to arm Ukraine to the level where it could possibly push Russia back. But reports indicate that the Biden administration is now trying to steer Ukraine to the negotiating table with Russia, something President Zelensky insists won’t happen. And regarding Israel, they don’t need lectures from this administration on doing their best to prevent civilian casualties, while Hamas seeks to increase them.

Regarding China, from whom the Biden family has received well over $30 million dollars, and probably over $50 million, the chickens are finally coming home to roost. Between Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes spelled out in his indictment this week, the testimony of IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler, the continuing flow of bank records and shell corporations, the evidence appears strong that this is a corrupt administration, and even worse is to whom they sold access to Joe Biden, namely China. And Biden’s actions and policies indicate they invested wisely.

Buckle up for the first quarter of 2024, with caucuses and primaries galore, legal action from an array of sources against the probable Republican nominee, Donald Trump. And a whole lot of drama on the Democrat side, as the movement to dump Biden and replace him with Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton is alive and well. To what lengths will certain players go to, while at the same time pretending that he is well enough, cognitively and physically, to run for a second term as president? There are a lot of active theories out there that we’re all aware of, but do Joe and Jill have something to say about it? Time will tell.

And finally, our very corrupt media makes all this possible. They are stuck on the notion that Donald Trump is a dictator and would act as such if elected president again, while ignoring the Biden administration record of authoritarianism and the use of the Justice Department, the DHS and social media to go after their political enemies and to attempt to censor or punish speech that doesn’t fit with their own fake narratives.

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