The Left offers an alternative for freedom and individual responsibility, ordering the confiscation of private property and the redistribution of wealth. In so doing, American Marxists would transform the free market economy into a communist “utopia.” They fail to mention that Communist Peoples’ Republics are on a constant war footing to prevent internal revolt. They rely upon the military and police force to eliminate individual freedom and institute human bondage. They promise a utopian communist paradise where everyone receives an equal share of the fruit of their labor while they produce poverty, misery, and slavery.

The Biden Administration, whose incompetence is such that it can’t manage state affairs, is confident in its ability to fundamentally transform the entire society. They are working frantically to transform America into a communist dictatorship radically.

They work to destroy our Republic and the free market system, replacing it with a one-party communist state. Their efforts have produced insurrection, rampant crime, an invasion of illegal immigrants, record inflation, loss of personal liberties, and authoritarian police state rule. Moreover, the quality of life of the average American has been dramatically reduced.

While the Left attempts to enslave America, on the right, we face a breakdown in self-government. The House of Representatives, the Peoples’ House, ignores the people, thereby ending representative government and the people’s sovereignty. The Legislature no longer responds to the demands of the electorate.

Members of Congress have rejected their sworn duty, joining Republicans with Democrats in a single unified party that is corrupt, out of control, and despises the people. Recognizing the complete rejection of the people’s will by those serving in Congress, the electorate demands the restoration of the Republic of the Founders. The people demand a return to government by, for, and of the people.

Longstanding Congressional leadership – including John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and Kevin McCarthy – have ignored the voices of the people. Instead of fulfilling campaign promises, they have passed special favors for cartels and inflationary budgets. Their big spending in collusion with wealthy donors, foreign interests, and big business opens the doors to corruption.

In return for laws favoring special interests, members of Congress receive kickbacks that have made public servants into millionaires. The dereliction of duty by Congress terminates representative government, while out-of-control spending jeopardizes the economy. In the process, our constitutional republic has been changed into an authoritarian police state. We are in unknown territory never seen before by Americans.

Fortunately, not all members of Congress have sold their souls to the highest bidder. Among the faithful are Congressional conservatives, who demand removing corrupt leadership and returning to fiscal responsibility. They echo popular demands for a representative government that responds to the people’s will. Together, they call for members of Congress to be held accountable for failure to uphold their sworn oath of office, their usurpation of authority, and their criminal conduct.

Given his rejection of his sworn duty, obligations to the people, and his broken word, a call for the ouster of the Speaker of the House resulted in his removal from office. While nothing has been accomplished yet to correct the wrongdoing identified by the people, the first step has been taken by members of Congress to restore self-government.

Attacked by the Left and the Right, the American people are beset with popular demands for trashing the national heritage, rejecting religious teachings, and purging family values. The radical left would destroy our Judeo-Christian culture to permit cockamamie Marxist Critical Race Theory and the transgender revolution to transform America.

Their goal is to break down the moral fiber of society, thereby eliminating resistance to communist change. In the process, inflamed racial prejudice has resulted in destructive race riots, while innocent children have been seduced, maimed, and emotionally damaged beyond any hope for recovery. All of which is justified in the name of social justice. It is the work of Marxist radicals who seek to transform virtue into vice, liberty into tyranny, and the economic wealth of the free market into communist dictatorship and slavery.

The combined assaults upon America present an ugly picture of the perilous trials we face. How did it come to pass? On the Left, the Marxist revolution has been spawned by a discontented professoriate who has indoctrinated students to create a revolt against parents, American heritage, and the American dream. While on the right, old-fashioned greed has debauched lawmakers turning representative government into an oligarchy of crooks in business to enrich themselves. Together, these social crises threaten to destroy America.

The Marxist revolution challenges our Constitutional Republic and the people’s liberties, while the corruption of the members of the House of Representatives threatens to ruin the representative government. We must defeat both assaults upon our way of life. We the people have the power to shape politics in the House of Representatives through elected representatives faithful to the people, the Constitution, and the Republic.

The fight for the speakership is critical. It is the fight for the constitutional Republic established by the founders. The faction now resisting change in Congress are members of the House we know as swamp creatures. They fought to put McCarthy back in place as Speaker to restore their corrupt power base and sever the American public from their political representatives. Without this vital link between the People and Congress, our Republic cannot function, and our shining City on a Hill will be no more.

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