With the Left making giant strides in its war on America, what is going to become of our country? The answer to this question is we have a choice. Two paths lay before us. One path—the one preferred by the Left—leads to government control, racial and gender strife, economic stagnation, identity confusion, a culture of WOKEness, a weakened military, removal of God from all aspects of daily life, and the loss of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Who is going to stand up and restore our country? Will you? Will our Military support the people against an oppressive, socialist government?

However, there is another path that beckons us to restore the vision of our Founding Fathers. This path promises to transform the United States into the most powerful, prosperous, and free nation. It is a vision of a ‘more perfect union’, as eloquently described in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution:

We, the people of the United States, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.[i]

Restoring the Founders’ vision and thereby recreating the ‘more perfect union’ described in the Preamble to the Constitution is our collective end game for America in the twenty-first century. Each one of us has a crucial role to play in this endeavor. We urge all Americans to read “Americans Endgame for the 21st Century”, now available on Amazon and the SUA website: www. standupamericaus.org. This book serves as a blueprint for our shared mission. The present plan will empower those who cherish the traditional American values that have always defined our nation to reclaim our country. This book is a call to action for all Americans who yearn to steer our nation away from its current path of destruction and back onto the road leading to ‘a more perfect union.’


After the Bible, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution, the most critical documents for Americans are the Federalist Papers. In Federalist 39, James Madison explained a republic is a government that derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the people and is administered by people holding their office at the people’s pleasure for a limited period during good behavior.[ii]

What Madison wrote in Federalist 39 still applies today. Our republican form of government still derives its powers from the people, but that will change unless we, the people, stand up, speak out, and fight back against the Leftist ideologues who are trying to destroy our country. Suppose life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness remain defining characteristics of the American way of life. In that case, individuals like you and me must fight for them. What all Americans can do to preserve our liberties and save our country is spelled out in the next section of this chapter. Every patriotic American has a role to play. We must look through a reality prism, not a political prism, to save our country.


The United States of America is 246 years old as of this writing. For most of those years, we strived to become the “more perfect union” envisioned by the Founders. Along the way, America fought a great Civil War to put an end to slavery, two world wars to protect freedom-loving nations across the globe from totalitarian tyranny, a cold war with the Soviet Union, and a war on terrorism that continues to this day.

Along the way, we righted lingering wrongs, such as the disenfranchisement of black Americans and women. As time passed, America moved closer and closer to being that “perfect union” described in the Preamble to the Constitution. America has never been perfect, but it has always strived to be. Our country has made mistakes but has always strived to learn from them and correct them. Therefore, the Left’s war on America makes no sense. No nation in the world has worked harder or more consistently to do better and be better.

The Left’s attacks on traditional American values and principles are a new phenomenon in the overall history of our country. Still, in just sixty years, Leftist ideologues have made a disturbing amount of “progress.” In doing so, they have set America on a path leading to destruction. Therefore, it is vital for patriots who still want to see our country be a “more perfect union” envisioned by the Founders to stand up, speak out, and join in the battle for America’s soul. Here is what we must come together and do:

·        Achieve an American spiritual revival.

·        Preserve the sovereignty and integrity of the Constitution and Bill of Rights

·        Preserve America’s true history by rejecting historical revisionism.

·        Preserve free-market capitalism by rejecting socialism.

·        Restore patriotism and love of the country.

·        Overcome various domestic threats that undermine our ability to achieve the end game.

·        Overcome various foreign threats that could undermine achieving the end game.

·        States exercise their power of the 10th Amendment.

·        Sheriffs exercise their power of deputizing citizens to restore civility in their counties.

·        Arrest elected political officials who violate the Constitution and the country’s laws.

·        Ensure we have election integrity.

This is the blueprint we recommend for saving America. This is the blueprint that will allow our country to make continual progress once again toward becoming “a more perfect union.” This is the blueprint for saving not just our country but the rest of the free world from despotism because, as goes, the United States and the rest of the free world.

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