Almost a week ago – last Tuesday to be exact – something happened, which is very telling about the hypocrisy of the progressive, socialist left. It truly does provide us a window into the mindset, prejudice, and true fascism of the left in America. It was not widely reported. As a matter of fact, I did not see it hit the news until last Friday, and you will not see any massive protests.

As reported by Fox News,

“Several interns on Capitol Hill for a program geared toward young black Republicans said an Uber driver refused to give them a ride together in Washington this week because two of them were carrying pro-Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

“One of the interns who had a Trump hat, 20-year-old Matthew Handy of Kentucky, recalled being ‘ticked off.’

“I’m a black male in America that supports and voted for Donald Trump… We’re supposed to be a country that accepts everybody for who they are, a melting pot, but the moment I say or do something that doesn’t coincide with their political beliefs, I’m the bad guy,’ said Handy, who is interning for Illinois GOP Rep. Mike Bost.

“Another passenger in the car, 33-year-old Adria Barrington of Tallahassee, who is interning for Arizona GOP Rep. David Schweikert, said she found the experience frightening.

“‘Denying me service — because I know we were denied service based on our political thoughts and views — will not change my political thoughts and beliefs,’ Barrington said. ‘Denying me service is only going to make me fight harder to prove to everyone that it is conceivable to be an African American and a conservative.’

“Elijah Allison of Florida, the other passenger with a Trump hat, expressed disappointment over the incident. He is interning this summer in the office of Colorado GOP Rep. Ken Buck.

“‘To prejudge someone is not in the moral compass of America,’ Allison said. ‘Even though we may not have the same political affiliations or other beliefs, we should be able to agree to disagree.’ The interns are part of the Diversity Internship Program run by Buck. The Colorado Republican lawmaker’s office says the congressman has complained to Uber.”

Yes, three black Congressional interns were reportedly denied service because of their constitutional, conservative political beliefs. Based on accounts, they were not conducting themselves in any sort of nefarious manner. Nor were they posing a threat to the Uber driver, who had been compensated. They just maintained a different political philosophy, perspective. What happened is this: they were guilty of the greatest sin, according to the progressive, socialist left – political apostasy. They were black, but not liberal progressives, not Democrats, and they had the abject nerve to openly profess such.

There will be no outrage from the Congressional Black Caucus, you know, the folks who claim to be the “conscience of the Congress.” The NAACP, nor the National Urban League, has, to this point, made any statement condemning Uber and demanding an apology. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not commenced any protests outside of Uber offices. Nor has Black Lives Matter been seen. This is just another manifestation of what Maxine Waters has called for, this time against three young, black congressional interns.


Simple, to the progressive, socialist left, the greatest crime any minority can commit is to not follow their orthodoxy. If you possess the courage to depart the new plantation created by the left, you will be demeaned, disparaged, denigrated, and disrespected. You have no standing, and unlike their beloved special interest demographic groups – same-sex couples, gender dysphoric individuals, and illegal immigrants – you are not a protected class. As a matter of fact, you are an open target. Trust me, I know what it’s like, having been referred to as an Uncle Tom, oreo, sellout, House “N” word, and even white man’s porch monkey.

We black, Hispanic, Asian, and female constitutional conservatives are deemed apostates. We’re hated, and recipients of the vilest and vitriolic attacks of the left. No, I am not complaining because I am a fighter, and the insidious personal assaults only inspire me to fight harder. I will not be a victim because I do not subscribe to a collectivist, herd, mentality. I am an American, one who is capable of thinking on my own, as opposed to being a mindless lemming. If that draws the ire of the progressive, socialist left, so be it, but I will not sacrifice my principles, values, and beliefs because the left deems me as some form of heretic. The left’s over-the-top emotional response is evidence of their inability to display any astute level of intellectual rigor. That is what fascism is all about, shutting down opposing thought and speech to hide the inability to effectively convey one’s thoughts, perspectives, and ideology.

Just think, if you are a woman that does not believe in murdering unborn babies as a means of birth control, you are demonized. If you are a Hispanic who believes in national sovereignty, secured borders, and are against illegal immigration, you are not Hispanic. If you are black and conservative, well, just look at how the left has disparaged the father of black conservatism, Booker T. Washington. Washington was born into slavery but became one of the greatest educators and orators this nation has ever known. He believed in three fundamental principles: education (functional/relevant), entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. Yet, his values are hardly articulated in the black community today, certainly not advocated by the charlatans referring to themselves as black leaders.

And why does the left despise “we” – those hated apostates, the heretics, those who do not subscribe to the rhetoric of victimization? Simple, because we undermine their message. The political calculus of the left is that they must attain certain percentages of minority groups, or else their stranglehold is diminished. If there aren’t more women, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians who their message of wealth redistribution, nationalizing economic production, welfare state expansion, social egalitarianism, and secular humanism – they lose. Therefore, “we,” those the left defines as apostates, must be burned at the stake, figuratively.

Ask yourself a simple question: why was it that the Congressional Black Caucus sat, with angry looks on their faces, when President Trump stated during his State of the Union address this year that black unemployment was at an all-time, historic low? Because independence and economic empowerment is not what the progressive, socialist left wants, not what the modern-day plantation overseers want. They need economic enslavement and dependency. Economic freedom creates individual liberty, which promotes self-reliance, and in the end, this leads more apostates to reject the left’s dogma.

Matthew Handy, Adria Barrington, and Elijah Allison represent the future of black America: young, free thinking, courageous Millennials who #WalkAway from the leftist 21st century economic plantation. I applaud them, and I welcome them into this merry band of apostates.

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