How many of you remember the Second Amendment rally held in Richmond Virginia on January 20th? I would bet that unless you were there, not too many of you do. The reason why is because it was a non-event. But, think about this, tens of thousands of legal, law-abiding citizens, meaning they were armed, took to the streets to exercise their First Amendment rights of free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition their government for a redress of grievances. And those rights are supported by the Second Amendment right, ensuring a tyrannical government cannot take them away . . . as we see in Cuba, Venezuela, and China. Ya know, those socialist, communist dictatorships that the progressive left seems to enjoy embracing.

Nope, there was no story for the liberal progressive media to spread. Their typical narrative about gun violence and the reason why we must repeal the Second Amendment, ban private gun ownership, regulate ammunition, magazines, and other forms of infringement on the Second Amendment were proven false. And on top of that, the folks who marched for their Second Amendment right even left the area cleaner than what it was.

Our good friends at the Media Research Center did a fabulous job in contrasting the January 20, 2020 rally for the Second Amendment with the January 20, 2017, Antifa rally in Washington DC. You can watch the video here.

It amazes me why we have not declared Antifa a domestic terrorist gang, organization, and driven it into non-existence. We recently had Antifa thugs enacting their violence in the NYC subway system and against law enforcement officers. This past week we had several NYPD officers shot, to include in a station house. There is no debate about the antics and violence of Antifa. Yet, we hear nothing, and I mean zip, nada, from the elected officials of the Democrat (Socialist) Party when it comes to Antifa.

Oops, I am sorry, yes, recently a progressive socialist elected official did make a statement about Antifa.

As reported by Townhall:

“Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) labeled the recent gathering of Antifa members, which saw them instigating fights and defacing public property, as one of the “hundreds of peaceful demonstrations” the city experiences.

Members of Antifa gathered in the city on Saturday after it was reported members of the KKK were supposed to have a rally. None of them showed up, but that did not Antifa members to start targeting other people and spraying anti-cop graffiti in public parks. “We are proud of our long history of protecting and celebrating the right to assembly and free speech. Every year Portland sees hundreds of peaceful demonstrations. Yesterday, there was a gathering to protest against hate and racism. A few individuals decided to use the opportunity to act out in violence and vandalize property,” Wheeler tweeted on Sunday.

He added, “When our city needed help, public servants and community members stepped up. For this I am thankful.”

The Portland Police Bureau said three people had been arrested and “some people in the group began acting in a violent, threatening manner against attendees who were legally capturing photos and videos…Metal-tipped umbrellas were used to jab toward people and chase them down the street, and objects (including rocks, concrete, batons, cans, and food) were thrown at community members and police.”

Hmm, I guess the closing paragraph is indicative of what Portland Mayor Wheeler, a real useful idiot, is “thankful” for? Brandon Brown, an innocent citizen journalist was attacked and pepper-sprayed by the masked Antifa thugs. Yep, that is what a leftist Mayor terms “peaceful.” Using metal-tipped umbrellas to jab at people, that is another example of the type of behavior and actions for which Wheeler is grateful?

Again, I go back to my assertion, and amazement, as to why Antifa has not been classified as a domestic terrorist organization? What more evidence does one need? The masks are enough to classify it as such.

What I do find rather humorous is the fact that these black-clad thugs were coming out to “protest” against the original domestic terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan. What is so funny? They are both creations of the Democrat Party. How interesting it was that one group wore white, the other black, and they still hide their identities. Mayor Wheeler seemed to insinuate that Antifa was coming to the rescue of the city of Portland to protect it from folks spreading hatred. So what does Antifa spread Mr. Mayor? Sunshine and lollypops?

Yes, the hypocrisy is utterly laughable, if this were not so serious. Going back to Virginia, does anyone believe that a Republican Governor and Attorney General would have survived the scandal of having pictures of being in “blackface,” a symbol of racism, if anything. But, when it comes to the Democrat Party, well, that is just their nature. Tyrannical control, such as what we are seeing in Virginia, is far more important than that silly racism thing . . . when it involves Democrats.

This whole thing called Antifa should have been squashed a long time ago. As we have allowed it to fester and spread like cancer, and apologize for it, like Mayor Wheeler, they will only become more emboldened. However, here is a warning to Antifa and the liberal progressive media: y’all will go too far, and come up against individuals who will not tolerate being victims of your radical leftist violence. You dumbasses failed to realize that you are the real fascists, imposing hatred and violence against those with whom you do not agree. Back in the late 1930s in a country called Germany, someone created a group called the “Brown Shirts.” Of course, they were able to enact their wanton violence with no retribution because one Adolf Hitler had banned private gun ownership, and confiscated weapons that had been registered with the government.

If the progressive socialist left believes for one minute they will be able to replicate this in our America, y’all are smoking dope! In Venezuela,  the armed gangs of Nicolas Maduro who go about murdering, executing innocent people are called “Colectivos.” Those who live there are no longer “citizens” because they have been disarmed . . . they are subjects. In Cuba innocent people are thrown into prison for protesting the government, while Beyoncé and Jay-Z have vacations and Barack Obama does the wave with socialist dictator Castro.

Y’all, take off your masks, go home, and read a book or take up knitting . . . But just know, that crap is never going to happen in America. And you little Penguin wannabees running around with metal-tipped umbrellas, don’t be stupid. This is not the comics!

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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